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3 Contents Prefatory Note 7 Prelude 9 I An Escort to the Citadel 11 II The Master of the King’s Magazine 23 III The Wager and the Sword 37 IV The Rat in the Trap 48 V The Device of the Dormouse 60 VI Moray Tells the Story of His Life 64 VII “Quoth Little Garaine” 81 VIII As Vain as Absalom 89 IX A Little Concerning the Chevalier de la Darante 93 X An Officer of Marines 105 XI The Coming of Doltaire 121 XII “The Point Envenomed Too!” 131 XIII “A Little Boast” 147 XIV Argand Cournal 161 XV In the Chamber of Torture 177 XVI Be Saint or Imp 187 XVII Through the Bars of the Cage 199 XVIII The Steep Path of Conquest 208 XIX A Danseuse and the Bastile 214 XX Upon the Ramparts 231 XXI La Jongleuse 247 4 XXII The Lord of Kamaraska 255 XXIII With Wolfe at Montmorenci 270 XXIV The Sacred Countersign 287 XXV In the Cathedral 301 XXVI The Secret of the Tapestry 312 XXVII A Side-Wind of Revenge 334 XXVIII “To Cheat the Devil Yet” 341 XXIX “Master Devil” Doltaire 354 XXX “Where All the Lovers Can Hide” 361 To the Memory of Madge Henley This page intentionally left blank ...


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