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xi Stanley Ritchie’s Interpreting “Unaccompanied” Bach is a masterful and comprehensive study of Bach’s three Sonatas and three Partitas for solo violin. Professor Ritchie’s cultivated and deeply incisive analysis covers all the technical elements and stylistic considerations involved in arriving at a convincing period-style interpretation of these masterpieces—yet, one never feels that his brilliant dissective ability is, as it often can be, a merely challenging intellectual exercise. The ever-present undercurrent of the passion and love Ritchie feels for these works is indeed the dominating and motivating force for this book. I am not a “Baroque” violinist. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book to all violinists—I have no doubt that they will find it, as I have, a source of invaluable information and inspiration. Mauricio Fuks Foreword ...


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