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CONTENTS BOOK FIRST GOLDEN YEARS CHAPTER PAGE I. " De Hine Foot er a He Frawg" II. At the Full of the Moon 14 III. The Coming of the Boy 29 IV. A House with an Open Door 4S V. The School for Gentlemen S6 VI. College Days 72 BOOK SECOND YOUNG BLOOD I. The Major's Christmas 93 II. Betty dreams by the Fire 114 III. Dan and Betty . 122 IV. Love in a Maze 13S V. The Major loses his Temper 150 VI. The Meeting in the Turnpike 162 VII. If this be Love . 174 VIII. Betty's Unbelief 190 IX. The Montjoy Blood . 203 X. The Road at Midnight 219 XI. At Merry Oaks Tavern 229 XII. The Night of Fear 243 XIII. Crabbed Age and Callow Youth 2S3 XIV. The Hush before the Storm 269 BOOK THIRD THE SCHOOL OF WAR CHAPTER PAGE I. How Merry Gentlemen went to War 283 II. The Day's March 294 III. The Reign of the Brute 30 5 IV. After the Battle 31t V. The Woman's Part 327 VI. On the Road to Romney 338 VII. "I wait my Time" 349 VIII. The Altar of the War God 357 IX. The Montjoy Blood again 368 BOOK FOURTH THE RETURN OF THE VANQUISHED I. The Ragged Army 381 II. A Straggler from the Ranks 392 III. The Cabin in the Woods . 40 5 IV. In the Silence of the Guns 418 V. "The Place Thereof" 429 VI. The Peaceful Side of War 437 VII. The Silent Battle 450 VIII. The Last Stand 462 IX. In the Hour of Defeat 474 X. On the March again . 488 XI. The Return 499 ...


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