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Glossary ABATE. American Bikers (or Brotherhood) Aimed Towards Education (in California ; different state chapters interpret the acronym differently). A motorcycle rights organization whose main aim is to fight discriminatory laws against bikers. AMA. American Motorcycle Association. The original motorcycle organization that scheduled the bike races. Now a motorcycle rights organization, it is still involved with racing schedules. Ape hanger. A type of handlebar which requires the riders arms to be above their shoulders. Badlander Seat. A product brand of a stylish and comfortable saddle. Bagger. A disrespectful name for a fully dressed, large Harley-Davidson in the FL series. Big Twin. A Harley model containing a powerful V-twin engine; includes the Dresser and the Low Rider but not the Sportster. See also Softail. Bitch Seat. A passenger seat on the bike that is traditionally reserved for a woman, who is then sometimes referred to as the bitch on the back. Also known as riding bitch. Brain bucket. An impolite name for a motorcycle helmet. See also skid lid. Buell. A new American sports bike sold by Harley dealers and manufactured by a company that has shared ownership with Harley-Davidson. Contains a high-performance Sportster engine. Cages. The name bikers use for cars. Chopper. A chopped bike. To chop a motorcycle is to reduce its bulk and pare it down to bare essentials. The bike is redesigned. Typically the front forks will be raked (extended and its angle increased) and the whole bike will be lowered. Crotch rocket. A Japanese sports bike with enclosed engine and humped tank. A fast bike, known for its turning ability. Usually a disrespectful term. Also called rice rocket. Dresser. A Harley Big Twin in the FL series. Usually comes with floorboards, fairing, saddle bags, and large passenger seat. A polite term for Bagger. Evolution. A Harley-Davidson engine design developed in 1984. Fuel-efficient and oil tight. Evo for short, also called the Blockhead. 259 Glossary Fairing. A wraparound windshield usually installed on Dressers and Buells. Flying colors. See Patch holder. FogHogs. The nickname for the Golden Gate Chapter of HOG. Harleybago. A fully-equipped Bagger. Usually comes with a sound system, heated seats, and walkie-talkies for rider-passenger communication. See also Bagger. HOG. Harley Owners’ Group. An association sponsored by Harley-Davidson. Each dealership sponsors its own association within its region, but members must first sign up for the national HOG, which is run out of Milwaukee . Anyone with a Harley can join by paying dues. Some HOG groups permit members to ride other makes of bike. Passengers can join as associate members. Jamming the wind. The experience of riding. Also known as to jam the wind. Knucklehead. A Harley-Davidson engine design developed in 1936 and produced through 1947. Knuckle for short. LOH. Ladies of Harley. A subsidiary group within HOG. All women may join whether they are riders or passengers. MC. Motorcycle club. MMA. Modified Motorcycle Association. A bikers’ rights organization that sponsors events. More hard-core than the AMA. Ole lady. Biker female companion; wife or girlfriend. A good term. Pack. To carry something special on the bike. Guns and women are both packed. Panhead. A Harley-Davidson engine design developed in 1948 and produced through 1965. Pan for short. Patch holder. Member of a motorcycle club who wears the distinctive club patch on his jacket or vest. A distinction is made between a three-piece patch (usually an outlaw club) and a one-piece patch (a local club). Wearing the patch is flying (or wearing) the colors. Poker run. A popular run event. Individual cards are drawn at designated stops. The rider with the highest, and sometimes lowest, hand wins. Rice rocket. See crotch rocket. Ride to the Wall. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial run every year to Washington , D.C. The ride is to honor the service men and women whose names are inscribed on the wall. Rubber mount. A type of mounting of the engine to the frame that makes for a smoother ride. All Dressers and Low Riders are rubber mounted. Sportsters and Softails are not. Run pin. Groups who sponsor runs may sell run pins at the start of the advertised run. Scoot. The bike. Scooter trash. A derogatory term for someone whose motorcycle, and motorcycle behavior, are not acceptable. Can be used as a compliment when friends are calling each other by affectionate names. Shovelhead. A Harley-Davidson engine design developed in 1966 and produced through 1984. Shovel for short. 260 Glossary Sissy...


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