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409 Deteriorating Sino-Russian relations climaxed with a 1969 border dispute at Damansky Island (near the Russian city of Khabarovsk) that left hundreds of Soviet andChinesetroopsdead.TocementRussiandominionoverthesouthernRussian FarEast,theoriginalChinesenamesofthousandsofrivers,mountains,andtowns werehastilychangedbetween1972and1973(Stephan1994).Here,originalnames and their meanings (where known) are compared to contemporary names and their meanings. Most original names were Chinese; however, if not, the origin of the name is denoted with R (for Russian), U (for Udege), M (for Manchurian), N (for Nanai), and O (for Orochi). Many Russian place or landmark names are in honor of a person. In these cases the Russian meaning is denoted as “(a name).” When a meaning is unknown, it is denoted by “(—).” Note also that a number of different rivers have the same name in the original Chinese (e.g., Duntsa River [“eastern channel”] or Erldagou River [“second big valley”]) owing to their descriptive nature. Appendix 1 Historical and Current Names of Landmarks and Settlements 410 A ppen di x 1 Table A.1. History and variants of place names in Across the Ussuri Kray Original name (Meaning) Current name (Meaning) Other names Aokhobe River (—) Lidovka River (a name) EkheU (demon) Arzamasovka River (a name)R Arzamazovka River (variant of original) Da-Dyn-Gou (see below) Bayminkhe River (the river where many live) Tur River1 — Beylaza River (northern cliff) — — Beytsa River (north fork) Serokamenka River (grey rock) — Beytsa River (north fork) Steklyanukha River (little glass) Beycha Beytsukhe River (river flowing from the north) Marevka River — Bogataya Griva Ridge (rich mane) Okeansky Ridge (ocean) — Chaydinza Mountain (the peak with firewood on top) possibly Siny Gay Mountain (blue grove) — Chamigouza River (the valley that is easy to get lost in) — — Chantszuyzu Mountain (long bill) Mount Uchebnaya (academic/training) — Chantszuyzu River (long bill) possibly Sputnitsa River (companion) — Chausun River (black pine) Izyubrinka (little red deer) Sintukha Chautangouza River (the valley that faces the sun) Roslavka River (a name) Chao Shangouza Chenzagou River (valley with a fortified settlement) — — Chingouza Creek (clean valley) possibly Tenevaya Pad (shadowy valley) — Chzhumtayza Creek (mountain stream) Maryanovka Creek (a name) — Chzhyudyamogou River (the valley where the Chzho family lives, and where hemp is grown) Pravaya Izvilinka (right twisty) — Dabeytsa River (great northern valley) Bolshaya Severnaya River (large northern) — Dabeytsa River (great northern valley) section of Zhuravlёvka River (a name) — Dadyanshan Mountain (large, sharp-peaked mountain) Przhevalsky Mountain2 — Na m e s of L a n dm a r k s a n d Sett l e m en ts 411 Dadyanshan Ridge (large, sharp-peaked mountain) Przhevalsky Ridge (see above) — Dadyngou River (large eastern valley) Arzamazovka River (a name) — Dalaza Cliff (big cliff) — — Dalazagou River (valley with big cliffs) Yelovy Creek (spruce) — Dalisyagou Creek (big lower pear valley) Kurchumka Creek (a name) — Danantsa River (big southern valley) Bolshaya Yuzhnaya River (big southern) Da-Nantsa Danantsa River (big southern valley) Dorozhnaya River (road) — Dandagou River (big eastern valley) — — Daubikhe River (the river where there were many battles) Arsenyevka River (after V. Arsenyev) — Daubikheza River (lesser Daubikhe) Sinegorka River (blue mountain) — Dayagou River (large valley with ducks) — — Dinzakhe River (gold) — Kaulantun Dinzakhe River (gold) Vysokogorskaya River (high mountain) Ditagouza Creek (valley with crumbling soil) — — Dmitrovka [Settlement]R Dmitryevka — Dolgoye Lake (long)R Dukhovskoye Lake (spirit) — Dunantsa River (south-eastern channel) Nizhnyaya Limonikha River (lower limonik) — Dunantsa River (south-eastern channel) Tigrinka River (little tiger) — Dunbeytsa River (northeast gorge) Perevalnaya River (mountain pass) — Dungou River (eastern valley) Kunaleyka River (—) — Dungou Creek (eastern valley) — — Dunmatsa River (—) Gorbusha River (pink salmon) — 1. A tur is a type of wild goat found in the Caucasus Mountains. 2. See Appendix 2: Biographical Information. 412 A ppen di x 1 Duntsa River (eastern channel) — — Duntsa River (eastern channel) Sakharny Creek (sugar) — Duntsa River (eastern channel) Vetvisty Creek (branchy) — Duntsa River (eastern channel) Zabolochennaya River (swampy) Tunsha River Eldovaka River (—)U Gornaya River (mountainous) — Elpouza Lake (second precept) Lake Krolevetskoye (a name) — Erldagou River (second big valley) Forelnaya River (trout) Erdagou River Erldagou River (second big valley) Muraveyka River (after N. Muravёv)3 Eldagou River Erldagou River (second big valley) Sokolevka River (a name) — Erldagou Creek (second big valley) Sosnovka Creek (pine sapling) Vtoroy Langou Fali Padi (ropey valleys)R Pervaya and Vtoraya Pads (first and second valley, respectively) Fata River (—) Signalnaya River (signal) — Fudzin River (origin)M Pavlovka River (a name) — Gadala River (conjecture)R — — Idagouza River (valley of the first road) — — Iman River (snow)O Bolshaya Ussurka (big Ussurka) Niman, Ima Iman [settlement] (snow) Dalnerechensk (far river) — Inzalazagou River (valley of the silver cliffs...


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