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v Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction ix Part One:  Philosophical Cosmology / Natural Theology from an Evolutionary Perspective Chapter One:  Is There a Reason for Everything, or Do Some Things Just Happen?  3 Chapter Two:  Value and Creativity  15 Chapter Three:  Intelligent Design and the Self-Organization of Nature  13 Chapter Four:  Rethinking Primary and Secondary Causality  47 Part Two:  Systems Thinking in the Social Sciences Chapter Five:  From Platonic Forms to Open-Ended Systems: The Search for Truth and Objectivity  61 Chapter Six:  Whiteheadian Societies as Self-Unifying Systems  75 Chapter Seven:  Subjectivity and Objectivity within Open-Ended Systems  91 Chapter Eight:  The Democratic Process as an Open-Ended System in Political Life  111 Part Three:  Christian Doctrinal Questions Chapter Nine:  Incarnation and Redemption within the Cosmic Process  127 vi  Contents Chapter Ten:  A New Look at the Resurrection of the Body  139 Chapter Eleven:  Church and Sacraments from a Process Perspective  155 Chapter Twelve:  Inclusivity and Exclusivity in a Religious Context  167 Conclusion 177 Selected Bibliography  185 Index 191 ...


Subject Headings

  • Causation.
  • Cosmology.
  • One (The One in philosophy).
  • Many (Philosophy).
  • Philosophical theology.
  • Providence and government of God.
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