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xix Acknowledgments THERE ARE FEW ENTREPRENEURIAL ventures whose successes can be attributed to a single person—be it the first product prototype, the first dollar of revenue, reaching breakeven, or acquisition. This book is no exception. I am fortunate to have encountered scores of people during my career in entrepreneurship and government whose encouragement, support, and friendship have resulted in this book. I wish to thank: —Greg Behrman, for helping me develop the Six+Six Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model and being my partner in building the Global Entrepreneurship Program, GEP, when few others believed —Anne-Marie Slaughter, for taking the time to understand what GEP was about and helping both to shape it and move it forward —Melanne Verveer and Wenchi Yu, for teaching me about the unique power of, and problems faced by, women entrepreneurs —Jonathan Alan at the State Department, who was a model of “intrapreneurship ” in a very large, very bureaucratic organization —Ambassadors Cameron Hume, Scot Marciel, Margaret Scobey, and Anne Patterson, who understood the outsized importance of entrepreneurship development in the countries to which they were posted xx ACKNOWLEDGMENTS —Tara Sonenshine, who encouraged me throughout and contributed directly to the creation of this book —Friends and supporters at the State Department, USAID, and throughout the U.S. government who were among the few to step forward and really want to do something about joblessness in fragile states: Secretary Hillary Clinton, Bob Hormats, Cheryl Mills, Tom Nides, Bambi Arellano , Peggy Keshishian, Quintan Wiktorowicz, John Wasielewski, Jackie Strasser Higgins, Peter Ballinger, Eric Postel, Maura O’Neill, Alex Dehgan, Jeff Margolis, Steve Radelet, Anthony Cotton, Kapil Gupta, Travis Hunnicutt, Brenda Rios, Anne Park, Vanessa Holcomb Mann, Cleveland Charles —Sue Saarnio, Richard Boly, and Karen Volker, who were staunch supporters of what I tried to do at State and role models of what a foreign service officer could be —Everyone in each of the major GEP countries who made the program possible . In Egypt: Mike Ducker, Tarek el-Sadany, Marianne SiemietkowskiNeedham , Sherif Kamel, Wael Fakharany, Tarek Kamel. In Indonesia: Shinta Kamdani, Martin Hartono, Eka Ginting, Sati Rasuanto, Cindy Koh. In Turkey: Ussal Sahbaz, Guven Sak, Esen Caglar, Didem Altop, Mete and Canan Cakmakci, Ali Karabey, Selcuk Kiper, Emir Ozen, Nihan Siriklioglu, Elmira Bayrasli, Ali Sabanci —GEP Entrepreneurship Delegation members who made such a difference on the ground in the places we visited: Chris Schroeder, Mike Cassidy , Loretta McCarthy, Faysal Sohail, Laura Brightsen, Martin Gedalin , Bob Stringer, Magid Abraham, Shervin Pishevar, Jonathan Smith —Ashraf and Haytham ElFadeel, who became the “poster children” of what is possible in terms of world-class entrepreneurs coming from developing countries —From the global entrepreneurship world: Ahmed El Alfi, Leslie Jump, and Hany Al Sonbaty of Sawari Ventures in Egypt; Linda Rottenberg of Endeavor, who modeled what it was to be the “Rolls Royce” of global entrepreneurship in action; Jan Piercy of ShoreBank/Enclude; Natalia Pipia and Ovi Bujorean of CRDF; Randall Kempner of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs; Jonathan Ortmans of the Kauffman Foundation and Global Entrepreneurship Week; Shahid Ansari, ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xxi Donna Kelley, and Cheryl Kiser of Babson College; Jim Maxmin and Vimala Palaniswamy of Demeter; Audrey Selian and Ken Hynes of Artha Networks; Sean Griffin of Startup Cup; Maria Pinelli and Giuseppe Nicolosi of EY; Alix Landais, James Reeves, Nigel Penfold, and Daniel Idowu of IMC International; Harold Rosen and Agnes Dasewicz of Grassroots Business Fund; Mildred Callear, Jim Sosnicky, and Peter Righi at SEAF/CEED —My teachers, especially at Tufts and Fletcher, who taught me how to think and write: Tony Smith, Robert Legvold, George Marcopoulos, Sol Gittleman , Janice Green, Daniel Mulholland, Lynda Shaffer, Pierre Laurent, Leo Gross —Randy Glass, my childhood friend and the most amazing artist I’ve ever known, for the terrific sketches capturing my ideas and that appear in electronic and marketing materials associated with this book. —A long list of friends who provided both intellectual and emotional guidance and support, including: Diane Hessan, Rik Kranenburg, Jim Berliner, Bill Simon, Buffy Bondy, Des FitzGerald, Lucinda Ziesing, Liv Rockefeller, Ken Shure, Alissa Stern, Louis Boorstin, Lisa Hook, Peter Gillon, Brett Trueman, Mark Miller, Dave Ferguson, Mark Humphreys , Anthony Garrett, Jane Mayer, Julie Salamon —Friends, advisors, and guides from the worlds of journalism and books, including Bennett Ashley and Paul Lucas at Janklow & Nesbit, Wayne Kabak, Gail Ross, David Rohde, Kate Zentall, and Shoshana Zuboff —Michael Crowley, Jason Noah, Wouter Takkenberg, Rebecca Kullman, and Noam Rifkind for important research and fact-checking assistance —Pete Beatty for incredibly sharp, thorough, and...


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