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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Mary Gaylord and James Iffland guided me in turning an earlier version of this project into a doctoral dissertation presented at Harvard University, heroically enduring drafts that resembled what Henry James would call "a loose and baggy monster." I am deeply grateful to both of them, not only for helping me tighten my argument and diction but also for their compelling blend of humanity and professionalism, which I have retained as a model for imitation in my own professional endeavors. I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my friend and colleague Henry Sullivan, who read the entire manuscript, commenting insightfully on almost every page. With thankful enthusiasm, I have incorporated all his suggestions into my text. I thank my colleagues Lucille Kerr, Maria Cristina Quintero, and Ramon Araluce for commenting on various chapters of the manuscript. I thank Carroll Johnson, Michael McGaha, Harry Sieber, and Luis Murillo for questions, conversations , and correspondence that have helped refine important parts of my critical argument. I express my thanks to Raul Galoppe for his diligent assistance in proofreading, research, and editing; to Melinda Howard for her excellent research and proofreading, as well as for preparing a first draft of the index. At Penn State University Press, I wish to thank Frederick de Armas, series editor , for his unflagging support; Romaine Perrin, for her expert copyediting; Peter Potter, Shannon Pennefeather, Cherene Holland, and Patty Mitchell, for their skill and patience in bringing this book to completion. A section of Chapter 3 appeared in MLN (formerly Modern Language Notes) 110 (1995): 215-39; and an earlier version of Chapter 5 appeared in Cervantes 14 (1994): 41---69. I am thankful to the editors ofboth journals for permission to reproduce that material here. My thanks go, as well, to The Research Board at the University of Missouri for a summer research grant that permitted me to finish X Acknowledgments this project in a timely fashion; and to the Program for Cultural Cooperation for a generous grant. I thank my ex-wife Elizabeth for her support at crucial stages of this book's preparation. And last, I thank my three children, Michael, Stephen, and Philip, for allowing me to rank happily among those persons who, in blessings and love, owe more than they can repay. ...


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