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CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction: Paradoxical Problems PART I Western Paradox and the Spanish Golden Age 1 Paradoxical Discourse from Antiquity to the Renaissance: Plato, Nicolaus Cusanus, and Erasmus 2 Paradoxy and the Spanish Renaissance: Fernando de Rojas, Antonio de Guevara, and Pero Mexfa PART II Inventing a Tale, Inventing a Self 3 "This Is Not a Prologue": Paradoxy and the Prologue to IX 1 11 37 Don Quixote, Part I 75 4 Paradoxes oflmitation: The Quest for Origins and Originality 163 5 "I Know Who I Am": Don Quixote de la Mancha, Don Diego de Miranda, and the Paradox of Self-Knowledge 193 Concluding Remarks Works Cited Index 231 237 247 ...