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The Politics ofTranslation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA PRESS Perspectives on Translation series Edited by Jean Del isle The Perspectives on Tran slation series consists of work s that analyze translation from a theoretical or practic al point of view. In addition to the history, meth odology and theory of translati on, the series covers lexicology, terminology and interpretation. Textbooks for students as well as for professional translators and interpreters can be found in the Did actics of Translation series. Both series welcome manuscripts written in either English or French. Advisory committee: Jean Delisle, Series Director, University of Ottawa Marie-Christine Aubin, College universitaire de Saint-Boniface Anni e Brisset, University of Ottawa Monique C. Cormier, Universite de Montreal Luise von Flotow, University of Ottawa Daniel Simeoni, McMaster University Lawrence Venuti, Temple Uni versity (Philadelphia) Agnes Whitfield, York University In the same series: Jean Delisle and Jud ith Woodsworth , Les traducteurs dans l'histoire, 1995. Cl ara Foz, Le Traducteur; l 'Eglise et le Roi (Peninsule iberique, Xll" et XIW siecles), 1998. Francesca Gaiba, The Origins ofSimultaneous Interpretation: The Nuremb erg Trial, 1998. Jean Delisle and Hann elore Lee-Jahnke (eds.), Enseignement de la tradu ction et traduction dans l'enseignement, 1998. Ruth A. Roland, Interpreters as Diplomats: A Diplomatic History ofthe Role of Interpreters in World Politics, 1999. Sherry Simon and Paul St-Pierre (eds.), Changing the Terms: Translating in the Postcolonial Era, 2000. In the Didactics of Translation series: Jean Delisle, La traduction raisonnee. Manu el d 'initiation ala traduction professionnelle de l'anglais vers le francais, 1993. Jean Delisle, La traduction raisonnee. Livre du maitre, 1993. Alli son Beeby Lonsdale, Teaching Translation f rom Spanish to English , 1996. Perspectives on Translation series under the directi on of Jean Delisle The Politics ofTranslation in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Edited by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski Luise von Flotow Daniel Russell UNIVERSITY OF OTIAWA PRESS U uiversi ty of Onawa Press gral efully ack now ledges th e sup port exte nded to its publish ing programme by th e Ca nada Coun cil and the Univers ity of Ottawa. We ac know ledge th e fin an cial support of the Go vern me nt of Ca na da through th e Book Pu blish ing Industry Development Program (131'10 1') for o ur pu blishing ac tivities, National Library of Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data Main en try under rirlĀ«: T he politi cs of tra nslation in the Middle Ages and th e Renaissance (Perspectives o n Translati on ) Includes bibliographical referen ces, ISI3N 0-77Gr>-0527 -5 I. Tra nslat ing and int erpret ing-Eu rope-Histo ry-To 1500 . 2. Tran slating and interpreting -Europe-Histo ry-I Gth Ce ntury, :l. Civilizatio n, Medieval. 4. Renaissance. 5, Lit erature, Medieval- Translat io ns-History and cri ticism. 6, European literatureRenaissan ce, 1450-1GOO- Trans latio ns- Histo ry and cri ticism. I. Russell , Daniel II. von Flot ow, Lui se, 1951- III. Blumen feld-Kosinski, Ren at e, 1952- IV. Series. 1'306,1'64 2001 (:mwr illustrntion 418'.02'0902 C200 1-9005 12-1 In 1476, Margaret of Eng land (1446-1504), th e wife of Charles the Bold of Bu rgundy, co m missioned a co py of the Fren ch tr ansla tion of th e C"I1.\II/ali"T! oj'l'hi/".\II !,hy (IJ_ Consolatione l'hiIIJ\II! ,hi,w). a Latin work writ ten by Boethius (48 0-524) . Ca lled "the last of the Romans," Boet hius had rranslated works by Aristo tle and Ptolem y and wrote th e Consolation whil e in prison awa iting execution , The Fren ch vers io n was prod uced byJ ean de Meung ( 1240-c. I:W5), poet a nd translat o r, Th e ma nusc rip t, illumina ted by a Br uges art ist, was co pied in Ghe nt by David dAub ert. T he dedi cator y picture sh own here de pictsj ean de Meung, in wha t is probabl y a co urtyard , presenting his tran slati on to Duc hess Margaret. Sh e and her ladies-in-wailing arc wea ring elegant co urt d ress, C"!'y,'i~h l: T hu rin ge r U nivers ita ts- und Landesbibliothek, Fried rich-Schilier-Un iversitatJena, ms. EI. 1'.85, 1'.13'. "All right s reserved. No part of th...


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