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205 Notes Introduction: Current State of Research 1. SED = Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland (German Socialist Unity Party). 2. Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt = Military History Research Office. 3. Hamburg Institute for Social Research = Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung. 4.Munich Institute for Contemporary History = Münchener Institut für Zeitgeschichte. 5. Bundesarchiv = federal archive. 6. Wehrmacht Information Center = Wehrmachtauskunftsstelle (WASt); German Service Office = Deutsche Dienststelle. 1.The Military in the Totalitarian Führer State 1. In German: “Ich glaube wir kommen durch.” 2.“Edict for the Buildup of the Wehrmacht”= Gesetz für den Aufbau der Wehrmacht. 3. Members of the Sturmabteilung, the paramilitary branch of the Nazi Party, were also known as “storm troopers.” 4. Revolutionary people’s militia = Volksmiliz. 5.The SS was the Nazi paramilitary and security force. 6. National Socialist leadership officers = National-Sozialistischer Führungsoffiziere. 7. Volksgemeinschaft = people’s community or ethnic community, a term adopted by National Socialists related to their racial ideology. 8. Volkssturm = territorial army raised toward the end of World War II. 9. Preußischer Ministerpräsident = Prussian minister president; Reichsminister für Luftfahrt = Reich minister for air travel; Beauftragte für den Vierjahresplan = commissioner for the Four-Year Plan.These titles were in quotation marks in the original. 10.Reichswerken Hermann Göring = Hermann Göring Reich Works; Reichsforstmeister = Reich conservator of forests; Reichsjägermeister = Reich master of the hunt. 11. Auftragstaktik is a leadership philosophy founded on initiative and independence of subordinates within the intent of the commander. 12. Wehrmacht High Command = Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW). 13. Keitel’s title, Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, was in quotation marks in the original. 14. Wehrmacht Leadership Office = Wehrmachtführungsamt (WFA); Wehrmacht Leadership Staff = Wehrmachtführungsstab (WFSt). 15. “The Duties of the German Soldier” = Die Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten. 16. The Todt Organization was tasked with engineering and construction projects and was known for the use of slave labor. 17. Confessional Church = Die Bekennende Kirche, a schismatic church in Germany protesting the Nazification of the German Protestant Church. 18. Reich church minister = Reichskirchenminister. 206 Notes 19. Use of the term Nationalkonservative suggests the DNVP, or Deutschnationale Volkspartei, the National Conservative party during the era of the Weimar Republic. 20. Inner emigration = Innere Emigration. This expression, used during and after the Third Reich, means a silent refusal to be co-opted—in a sense, emigrating within one’s own country or into one’s own world. 21.“Decree Concerning Jurisdiction in Court-martials”= Kriegsgerichtsbarkeitserlass. 22. Translator’s note: Only one US soldier was executed by the army in World War II specifically for desertion. “Military Justice Administration in Theater of Operations,” n.d., USFET General Board Study No. 83, NARA, RG 407, E427, AG WWII Operations Reports, 97-USF5-0.30, 1–2. 23. Military Court of Honor = Ehrenhof des Heeres. 24. People’s Court = Volksgerichtshof. 25. Translator’s note: The author does not specifically say “exposure to Nazi ideology ,” but this appears to be what is meant. 26. Erziehung = enculturation or upbringing, as distinguished from Ausbildung (training) and Bildung (academics). 27. Instilling military spirit = wehrgeistige Erziehung. 28. Emphasis in original. 29. Totenkopfverbände = Death’s-Head units. 30. SS Verfügungstruppen = provisional troops or domain troops; Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler = Hitler’s body guard unit. 2.The Regime’s Armed Forces 1. Translator’s note: The German army raised units in Wellen (waves). Each wave consisted of a number of newly raised or newly reorganized divisions, all of which were organized and equipped in precisely the same way. See http://weaponsandwarfare .com/?p=3547. 2. National guard battalion = Landesschützen bataillon. 3. Leichten Divisionen = light divisions; Infanterie Divisionen (mot.) = motorized infantry divisions; Panzergrenadierdivision = armored mechanized infantry division. 4. Volksgrenadierdivisionen = people’s grenadier divisions. 5. Grenadierregiment = infantry regiment; Divisionsfüsilierbataillon = division fusilier battalion. 6. Panzer (armored tank) is used when it refers to a unit. Panzer or gepanzert is translated as “armored” when it describes something that has armor protection; panzer is translated as “tank” when it refers to an armored vehicle. 7. NCOs, lower-level leaders = Unterführer 8. Fallschirm-Panzerkorps = armored parachute corps. 9. Infanterie-Luftlande = infantry-airborne. 10. Reich Labor Service = Reicharbeitsdienst (RAD). 11. National Socialist Motor Corps = Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK). 12.Trench mortars = Granatwerfer. 13. Antitank cannons = Panzerabwehrkanone (Pak). 14. Multiple rocket launchers = Stalinorgeln (literally, Stalin organ [mus.]). Notes 207 15. XVth Kosaken-Kavalleriekorps = 15th Cossack Cavalry Corps; 1st Kavalleriekorps des Heeres = 1st Cavalry Corps of the Army. 16. The Holzvergaser, produced by the IMBERT company, was a “special system to...


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