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xiii Abbreviations 1. Ancient Texts Abr. Philo, De Abrahamo (On Abraham) Act Paul Acts of Paul Ad. Aut. Theophilus of Antioch, Ad Autolycum (To Autolycus) Adum. Clement of Alexandria, Adumbrationes in epistolas catholicas (Comments on the Catholic Epistles, Cassiodorus) Adv. Haer. Irenaeus, Adversus haereses (Against Heresies) Adv. Jud. Tertullian, Adversus Judaeos (Against the Jews) Adv. Marc. Tertullian, Adversus Marcionem (Against Marcion) Adv. Prax. Tertullian, Adversus Praxean (Against Praxeas) Ant. Josephus, The Antiquities of the Jews 1–2 Apoc. 1–2 Apocalypse of James Apoc. Abr. Apocalypse of Abraham Apoc. Pet. Apocalypse of Peter Apocr. Apocryphon of James As. Mos. Assumption of Moses 2 Bar. 2 Baruch b. San. Sanhedrin Barn. Letter of Barnabas Carm. Gregory of Nazianzus, Carmina Carn. Tertullian, De carne Christi (On the Flesh of Christ) Nienhuis.Paul.indd 13 3/5/07 3:24:21 PM catech. Cyril of Jerusalem, “Catecheses” Cels. Origen, Contra Celsus Cher. Philo, De cheribum (On the Cheribum) 1 Clem. First Letter of Clement Comm. Jo. Origen, Commentary on John Comm. Matt. Origen, Commentary on Matthew Comm. Rom. Origen, Commentary on Romans Conf. Philo, De confusione linguarum (On the Confusion of Tongues) Deus. Philo, Quod deus sit immutabilis (That God is Unchangeable) Dial. Justin, Dialogus cum Tryphone (Dialogue with Trypho) Dom. or. Cyprian, De Dominica oratione (On the Lord’s Prayer) Eleem. Cyprian, De opera et eleemosynis (On Works and Almsgiving) 1 En. 1 Enoch Ep. Epistula 1–2 Esdr. 1–2 Esdras Exhort. Cyprian, De Exhortatio Martyrium (Exhortation to Martyrdom) Fid. op. Augustine, De Fide et Operibus (On Faith and Works) Fort. Cyprian, Ad Fortunatum (To Fortunatus: Exhortation to Martyrdom) Fr. Luc. Origen, Fragments on Luke Gen. R. Genesis Rabba Gos. Heb. Gospel of the Hebrews Gos. Thom. Gospel of Thomas Hab. Virg. Cyprian, De habitu virginum (On the Dress of Virgins) Haer. Hippolytus, Refutio omnium haeresium (Refutation of All Heresies) Herm. Shepherd of Hermas Herm. Mand. Shepherd of Hermas, Mandate(s) Herm. Sim. Shepherd of Hermas, Similitude(s) Herm. Vis. Shepherd of hermas, Vision(s) Hist. Eccl. Eusebius, Historia Ecclesiastica (Ecclesiastical History) Hom. Exod. Origen, Homiliae in Exodum Hom. Jer. Origen, Homiliae in Jeremiam Hom. Josh. Origen, Homiliae in Joshuam Hom. Lev. Origen, Homiliae in Leviticum Hom. Num. Origen, Homiliae in Numeros Hyp. Clement of Alexandria, Hypotyposeis (Outlines) Ieiun. Tertullian, De Ieiuniis (On Fasting) Ign. Eph. Ignatius, To the Ephesians Ign. Magn. Ignatius, To the Magnesians Ign. Pol. Ignatius, To Polycarp Ign. Rom. Ignatius, To the Romans Ign. Phld. Ignatius, To the Philadelphians Ign. Smyrn. Ignatius, To the Smyrnaeans Ign. Trall. Ignatius, To the Trallians xiv Abbreviations Nienhuis.Paul.indd 14 3/5/07 3:24:29 PM Jdt Judith Jub. Jubilees Life Josephus, The Life of Josephus 1–4 Macc 1–4 Maccabees m. Kidd Mishna Kiddushin Mart. Pol. Martydom of Polycarp Mort. Cyprian, De Mortalis (On Mortality) Mut. Philo, De mutatione nominum (On the Change of Names) Odes Sol. Odes of Solomon Paed. Clement of Alexandria, Paedagogus Pan. Epiphanius, Panarion (Adversus haereses) (Refutation of All Heresies) Pat. Cyprian, De bono patientiae (The Advantage of Patience) Praescr. Tertullian, De praescriptione haereticorum (Prescription against Heretics) Princ. Origen, De Principiis (On First Principles) Prob. Philo, Quod omnis probus liber sit (That Every Good Person is Free) Prot. Jas. Protevangelium of James Pss. Sol. Psalms of Solomon Pud. Tertullian, De Pudicia (On Modesty) Quis. div. Clement of Alexandria, Quis dives salvetur? (Salvation of the Rich) Scorp. Tertullian, Scorpiace (Antidote for the Scorpion’s Sting) Sel. Deut. Origen, Selecta in Deuteronomium Sel. Ps. Origen, Selecta in Psalmos Sent. Cyprian, Sententiae LXXXVII episcoporum Sib. Or. Sibylline Oracles Sir Sirach Sobr. Philo, De sobrietate (On Sobriety) Strom. Clement of Alexandria, Stromata (Miscellanies) Symb. Rufinus, Commentarius in symbolum apostolorum (Commentary on the Apostles’ Creed) T. Abr. Testament of Abraham T. Mos. Testament of Moses T. Naph Testament of Naphtali Test. Cyprian, Ad Quirinum testimonia adversus Judaeos (To Quirinus: Testimonies against the Jews) Tob. Tobit Unit. eccl. Cyprian, De catholicae ecclesiae unitate (The Unity of the Catholic Church) Vir. ill. Jerome, Liber de viris illustribus (Lives of Illustrious Men) Wis Wisdom of Solomon Zel. liv. Cyprian, De zelo et livore (On Jealousy and Envy) abbreviations xv Nienhuis.Paul.indd 15 3/5/07 3:24:32 PM 2. Modern Commentaries, Periodicals, Reference Works, and Serials ABC Anchor Bible Commentary ABD Anchor Bible Dictionary ABRL Anchor Bible Reference Library ACW Ancient Christian Writers AJT American Journal of Theology AnBib Analecta biblica ANF Ante-Nicene Fathers ANRW Aufstieg und Niedergang der römischen Welt ANTF Arbeiten zur neutestamentlichen Textforschung APQ...


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