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xi Acknowledgments Writing acknowledgments for one’s very first book is an emotionally overwhelming task. How do I rightly give thanks for the complex web of supportive mentors, friends, and family who have held me up over the years during which this project developed from an amorphous idea, to a Ph.D. dissertation, and now to this book? I suppose it makes the most sense for me to begin by thanking Professor Francis Watson of the University of Aberdeen, who supervised my Ph.D. thesis. This book is really just a lightly revised version of the work I completed under his tutelage. Were it not for his insightful critique, endless creativity, and constant encouragement , I would not have had the courage to pursue the line of research presented here. Francis is producing some of the most important studies in biblical scholarship today, and I count it a great privilege to have had the opportunity to work under his direction. Numerous others played central roles in getting me to the point of writing the dissertation in the first place. I must begin by mentioning my undergraduate academic mentor and friend, Dr. Les Steele of Seattle Pacific University, who was the first to inspire in me a love of theological learning. Les took me under his wing my freshman year of college and has since gone on to play an instrumental role in helping me to realize my vocation as a professor, initially by affording me my first teaching opportunity, and then by helping to orchestrate the pursuit of doctoral studies that eventually led to the writing of this book. I will be forever grateful for the influence he has had on my life. Dr. Rob Wall was my first biblical studies professor, and anyone who reads this book will realize that I am standing partly on his shoulders. It was he who first Nienhuis.Paul.indd 11 3/5/07 3:24:19 PM introduced me to canonical approaches to Scripture, and his personal and professional support in the years since has been a great blessing to me. Along with Rob I want to thank all of my wonderful colleagues in the School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University, especially Drs. Bob Drovdahl and Rick Steele whose support and friendship has been unfailing. A number of readers provided helpful comments along the way. Special thanks go to Dr. Pete Williams of the University of Aberdeen and Professor Judith Lieu of Kings College, London, whose recommended revisions for the Ph.D. dissertation went a long way to help sharpen and clarify my argument. I also want to thank Dr. Carey Newman of Baylor University Press for showing early interest in my research and for working so charitably with me in the publication of this book. My longtime friend Shawn Thomas has been a great conversation partner over the final editing process, and his willingness to read, correct, and comment on the manuscript is hugely appreciated. Also, I want to be sure to include a word of thanks to my brother Bill Nienhuis and his colleagues at Logos Bible Software, whose superb electronic study resources have long been an immense help in my analysis of the biblical text. A final word of thanks goes to all the loving friends and family members who endure my many shortcomings with patience and grace. Chief among them is my best friend and companion, Teresa Osborn, to whom this book is dedicated. You are a sturdy shelter, Teresa, and I will thank God always for your presence in my life. No peevish winter wind shall chill No sullen tropic sun shall wither The roses in the rose-garden which is ours and ours only* * T. S. Eliot, “Dedication to My Wife,” in Collected Poems, 1909–1962 (New York: Harcourt, 1963), 221. xii acknowledgments Nienhuis.Paul.indd 12 3/5/07 3:24:20 PM ...


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