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515 A Summary 1 Now my son I have shown you everything,a and the law of allb the stars of thec sky is completed. 2/ Hea showed me all their law forb each day, eachc timed in ae jurisdiction, everyf year, its emergence, the command,g every month,h and every week;i 3/a the decrement of the moonb which is accomplishedc in the sixthd gate because in this sixth gatee itsf light is completedg and from ith comes the beginningi of the decrement 4/ whicha is accomplishedb in the first gate at itsc time untild 177 days are completed,e by the lawf of the week twenty-fiveg (weeks) and two days.h 5/ It falls behind the suna and inb relation to the law of the stars five days exactly in one period and when this placec whichd you see is completed. 6/ This isa the appearance andb the likeness of each luminary that Uriel, the great angel whoc is their leader, showed me. b moon] + “in all” T9 . c is accomplished] g has a corrected form: it looks as if an orginal yenabber (“remains”) was changed, since the letters yega-, which now precede –nabber, are in a smaller, lighter hand; if the corrector wished to alter the verb to a form of gabra, he strangely neglected to delete the syllable -na-; T9 q u read an active form (yegabber [“it accomplishes”]). d sixth] sanbat (“sabbath”) g (for saµdest); + “month” m. e because in this sixth gate] om. “because—sixth” u; cf. 4Q209 frg. 26.2 ‫בה‬ ‫שתיתיא‬ ‫בתרעא‬. f its] The suffix is fem. in almost all α, masc. in 2080 β. g is completed] T9 reads a subjunctive form. h from it] “from them” α. i the beginning] + “of the moon and” β (in 2080 these words are in the margin and marked for insertion at this point). 4a which] om. q. b is accomplished] “accomplishes” T9 . c its] The suffix is masc. except in T9 t. d until] om. u. e are completed] “completes” 2080; T9 t read a subjunctive. f by the law] pr. wa- 2080; + “of the law” m. g twenty-five] pr. wa- g. h and two days (om. u)] om. “and” g T9 u; 4Q209 frg. 26.3: ‫תרין‬ ‫וי]ומין‬. 5a It—sun] pr. “and how” (wa-za-) 2080 u β; 4Q209 frg. 26.3 has a conjunction and then offers equivalents for the other words here, with one extra: ‫שמשא‬ ‫דבר‬ ‫מן‬ ‫;ומחסר‬ see comm. b and in (relation to)] om. “and” q; om. in 2080 (? there is space for ba-). c place] “places” 2080. d which] om. g m u; 4Q209 frg. 26.4, ‫דמי‬ ‫חזו‬ ‫כדמות‬ ‫בה‬ ‫ת]קן‬ ‫האי[ר‬ ‫בה‬ ‫נהורה‬ ‫כדי‬, should correspond with words toward the end of the verse, but there seems to be no clear overlap, though Milik noted the topic of retardation in v. 5 as a parallel to the last Aramaic word (Books of Enoch, 295); see comm. 6a This is] om. u. b and] om. g. c who] “this one” T9 (reading ዝ [ze] for ዘ [za]). 1a Now my son I have shown you everything] 4Q209 26 6: ‫ברי‬ ‫לך‬ ‫אנה‬ ‫מחוא‬ ‫וכען‬. With the older Ethiopic copies, A lacks the name Methuselah supplied by t β. The participial form has a different tense than the perfect form in Ethiopic; the word order too is not the same. If the Aramaic contained an equivalent of “everything,” it would have to have come after ‫;ברי‬ the β copies also read kwello after the verb + suffix. b the law of all] Most of the α copies read kwellu after “the law”; the β copies reverse the words (“all the law of the stars”); T9 joins “law” and “all” with a conjunction; m joins them with za- (“of”). c of the (sky)] “which are in” 2080; most of the α mss. read a pl. for “sky,” but T9 β have a sg. form. 2a He] The mss. prefix a conjunction but u om. b for] The reading is literally: “for those things which are” (la-elat; β mawaµ>el; 2080 om. (in the margin are the words >aµlama wa- [“age[s] and”]). d time] + wa- u. e a (jurisdiction)] pr. “all” β. f jurisdiction, every] om. T9 . g its emergence (lit. “in its emergence”; om. “in” 2080), the command (“its command” β)] om. u. h every month (lit. “and in every month”)] om. “in” g m q t. i every week (lit. “and in every week”)] om. “in” g m q t; the α mss. have sg. for “week,” the β ones a pl. form. 3a 4Q209 26 (corresponding with 1 Enoch 79:3-5; 78:17—79:2) 1 [ ] … [ 2...


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