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468 1 At the boundaries of the eartha I sawb twelve gates open for all the winds, from which the windsc emerged and blowe on the earth. 2/ Three of thema are open in front of the sky, three on the west, three on the right of the sky, and three on the left. 3/a The first threeb are toward the east, threec toward the north; the three after these on the leftd are toward the south and three one the west. 4/ Througha four of them emergeb winds of blessing and peace,c but,d from those (other) eight,e winds of punishmentf emerge; when they are sent they bringg devastation to the entire earth and the waterh on it,i all that live on it, and all that are in the water and on the land.j 5/ The first wind, whose name is “eastern,” emerges from those gatesa through the first gate which is on the eastb andc inclines toward the south; from itd there emerge devastation, drought,e heat,f and destruction. 6/ Througha the second gate, the middle one,b there emerge in a direct wayc rain, fruitfulness, prosperity, andd dew; through the third gatee which is to the northf emerge cold and drought. 7/ Following these the winds towarda the south emerge through three gates. First,b through the first gatec that inclinesd toward the east a hote windf emerges.g 8/ Througha the middleb gate next to it there emergec a fragrant aroma, dew,d rain, prosperity, and life. 9/ Througha the third gateb that is toward the west there emergec dew, rain, locusts, and destruction. 10/ Following these the windsa that are toward the north, whoseb name is “sea,” and which emergec from the seventh gated that is toward the southeaste —there emergef from it dew, rain, locust, destruction.g 11/ Froma the middle gate in a direct way there emerge life,b rain, dew;c throughd the third gate that is toward the west, inclining to the north, there emergee mist, hail, snow, rain, dew, and locust. 12/ Following these (there are) four winds whicha are toward the west: (as for)b the first gate towardc the north, fromd ite emerge dew, hail,f cold, snow, frost.g 13/a From the middle gate there emerge dew, rain, prosperity,b and blessing. From the last gatec that is toward the south emerge drought, destruction, burning,d and devastation. 14/ The twelve gates of the four quarters of the sky are completed.a All their laws and all their punishment and their prosperityb —I have shown to youc everything,d my son Methuselah. The Twelve Winds and Their Gates 1a At (the sentence begins with a conjunction, which is om. by T9 ) the boundaries of the earth] om. u (though it has the conjunction). b I saw] pr. wa- 2080 T9 . c winds—winds2 ] in both instances g reads nafsaµt, which is the pl. of nafs (“soul, spirit”), rather than the correct nafaµsaµt. d emerge] T9 q u have a sg. form. e blow (yenaffesu)] 2080 T9 m q and a few other mss. read a synonymous verb yenaffeh…u; it is possible that p originally had this reading but the final symbol was modified to yield yenaffesu; + “winds” u. 2a Three of them] pr. wa- T9 u. 3a 4Q210 1 ii 1-10 (corresponding to 1 Enoch 76:3-10) 1  and three after them on the left. blank [ 2  and for the healing of the earth and for revivifying it. blank And [ 3  and the waters and everything in them which grow and sprout and creep [ 4  through the first gate there emerges an east wind which is in [the east 5  through the second gate there emerges an eas[tern] east wind [ 6  a northeastern [wind] which is close to the nor[th] wind [ 7  there emerges at first through the first gate [ 8  which they call South; dew [ 9  [and] after it the n[orth] wind emerges [ 10 [destr]uction. blank [ b The first three] the sentence is pr. wa- q u β. c three2 ] There is a conjunction at the beginning of the phrase; it is om. by T9 . d after these on the left] The mss. read different forms of the same root word—dh…r: ba-deh…ra (here translated “in a direct way”). Reading ret> and a second instance of the verb (“in a direct way and there emerge”) is supported...


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