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440 Another Law of the Moon 74 1 Another course and lawa I saw for it;b by that lawc it carries out its monthly course.d 2/ All thisa Uriel the holy angel whob is the leader of them all showed me. Their positions I wrote downc as he showed me and I wrote down their months as they were and the appearance of their light until fifteen daysd were completed.e 3/ In one-seventh partsa it completesb all its light in the east and in the west. 4/ Ina certain months it changesb (the places of) its settings, and in certain months it goesc its own way. 5/ During two months it sets with the sun in thosea two middle gatesb —in the third and inc the fourth gate. 6/ It emerges for seven days, goes around, and returns again to the gate from which the sun emerges; it completesa all its light, recedes from the sun, and enters for eight days into the sixthb gate from which the sun emerges. 7/ When the sun emergesa from the fourth gate, (the moon) emerges for sevenb days until it emerges from the fifth; it again returns in seven days into the fourth gate and completesc all its light.d It recedese and enters into the first gate for eight days. 8/ It again returns in seven days into the fourth gate from which the sun emerges. 9/ In this waya I saw their positions,b as the moon risesc and the sun sets duringd those days. 10 When five yearsa are added up, the total comes tob thirty (extra) days for the sun. All the daysc that resultd for one of those five years, when complete, aree 364 days. 11/ The extra amounta for the sun and stars comes to sixb days; forc five yearsd sixe (extra) days come tof thirtyg days, and the moonh is thirty days lessi than the sun and the stars,j 12/ and they bring about the year precisely,a allb according to their eternalc positions. They come neither earlyd nor latee by one day by whichf they would changeg the year: each is exactlyh 364 days. 13/ In three years there are 1,092 days; in five years there are 1,820 days, with the result that in eight years there are 2,912. 14/ For the moon alone, the days in three years come to 1,062; in five years it is fifty days fewer. 15/ In five years there are 1,770 days with the result that in eight years the moon has 2,832 days. 16/ For in eight years eighty days are lacking; all the days that it lacks after eight years are eighty days. 17/ Then the year is correctly completeda in accord with their eternalb positions and the positions of the sun; they rise from the gate from whichc it rises and sets for 30 days. 1a Another course and (om. “and” g q t u; of g) law] cf. A another calculation ‫אחרן‬ ‫]ח]שבון‬. b I saw for it] cf. A ‫לה‬ ‫אחזית‬. c by that law] om. u. d its monthly course] cf. A ‫אזל‬ ‫די‬. 2a this] “which” 2080 m q t; om. β. b who] “this one” α. c Their positions I wrote down] most α mss. read: “and their positions and I wrote down their positions” (u om. the entire expression along with the next words [“as he showed me”]). The α reading may be the result of a different way of interpreting the text: a scribe thought the first “their positions” went with the preceding (who is the leader of them all); he therefore added a conjunction before “I wrote down” and repeated “their positions” to supply the verb with an object. d days] om. q. e were completed] “will be completed” T9 . 3a In one-seventh parts] The pattern for the moon presented in the Book of the Luminaries entails that the expression should read in this way. The mss. reveal, however, all manner of corruptions caused primarily by the similar shapes of several numerals. Almost every one of the α mss. reads, in some form, the expression 7-7 a). c completes] T9 has a jussive rather than the expected indicative form [-fa- for -feµ-]). d its light] “their light” q. e It recedes] “it causes to recede” (yaµ- rather than ye-) m q (second hand) T9 . 9a In this way] pr. “and” q T9 and a few β copies; “and after this” u. b their positions] The mss. are...


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