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320 Enoch’s Account of His Ascent Enoch Is Taken to the Garden of the Chosen and Righteous 3 And from that day, I was not reckoneda among them; and he set me between two winds, between the North and the West, where the angels took cords to measure for me the place of the chosen and the righteous. 4/ And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous, who were dwelling in that place from of old. Enoch Ascends to Heaven and Sees the Heavenly Secrets 71:1 And after that, my spirit was taken away, and it ascended to heaven. And I saw the sons of the holy angelsa , and they were stepping on flames of fire; and their garments were white, as were their tunics, and the light of their faces was like snow. 2 And I saw two rivers of fire, and the light of that fire shone like hyacinth, and I fell on my face before the Lord of Spirits. 3 And the angel Michaela , one of the archangels, tookb me by my right hand and raised me up, and he brought me out to all the secretsc ; and he showed me all the secrets of mercy, and he showed me all the secrets of righteousnessd . 4 And he showed me all the secrets of the ends of heaven and all the treasuries of the stars, and all the luminaries go forth from therea before the holy ones. Enoch Ascends to the Heavenly Palace 5 And he took my spirit—even me, Enocha —to the heaven of heavens, and I saw there,b as it were, c built of hailstones, and between those stones were tongues of living fire. 6 And my spirit saw a a circle that encircled that house of fire,b from the four sides of that c (came) rivers full of living fire, and they encircled that house. 7 And around it (were) Seraphin and Cherubin, and Ophannin, and these are they who sleep not, but guard the throne of his glory. 8 And I saw angels that could not be counted, thousands of thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand; they were surrounding that house. And Michael and Raphael and Gabriel and Phanuel, and the holy angels who (are in) the heights of heaven, were going in and out in that house. Enoch Sees the Angels and the Head of Days 9 And there came out of that housea Michael and Raphael and Gabriel and Phanuel and many holy angels without number. 10 And with them was the Head of Days, and his head was white and pure as wool, and his garments were indescribable. 11 And I fell on my face, and all my flesh melted, and my spirit was transformed. 70 NickelsburgB.indd 320 NickelsburgB.indd 320 8/9/2011 7:19:20 PM 8/9/2011 7:19:20 PM 321 70:3—71:17 And I cried out with a loud voice, a with a spirit of power, and I blessedb and praised and exalted. 12 And those blessings that went forth from my mouth were acceptable in the presence of that Head of Days.a Enoch Is Identified as the Son of Man 13 And that Head of Days came with Michael and Raphael and Gabriela and Phanuel, and thousands and tens of thousands of angels without number.b 14 And hea came to me and greeted me with his voice and said to me, “You (are) that Son of Man who was born for righteousness,b and righteousness dwells on you, and the righteousness of the Head of Days will not forsake you.” 15 And he said to me, “He proclaims peace to you in the name of the age that is to be, for from there peace has proceeded from the creation of the age, and thus you will have it forever and forever and ever. 16 And all will walka on your path since righteousness will never forsake you; with you will be their dwellings and with you, their lot, and from you they will not be separated forever and forever and ever. 17 And thus there will be length of days with that Son of Man, and there will be peace for the righteous, and the path of truth for the righteous, in the name of the Lord of Spirits forever and ever.” 70:3a I --- reckoned] . None of the MSS. has both words. T9 reads beμta. In 2080...


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