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95  38:1-6 The beginning of the text of the Parables continues to imitate its counterpart in the Book of the Watchers with a poetic oracle that announces a coming epiphany, the great judgment, and its consequences for the sinners and the righteous (37:1-6; cf. 1:4-9; 5:5-9). In this case, instead of the deity in the company of the holy ones, it is the Righteous One who appears in the midst of the congregation of the righteous. He, rather than God, will preside over the judgment. In form, this section is a judgment-salvation oracle, as in chaps. 1–5 1 The First Parable When the congregation of the righteous appears, thea sinners will be judged for their sins, and from the face of the earth they will be driven; 2 And when the Righteous Onea appears in the presence of the righteous, whoseb chosen works depend on the Lord of Spirits, and light appears to the righteous and chosen who dwell on the earth; Where (will be) the dwelling places of the sinners, and where (will be)c the resting place of those who have deniedd the Lord of Spirits? It would have been better for them, if they had not been born. 3 Whena his hidden things are revealed to the righteous,b the sinnersc will be judged, and the wicked will be driven from the presence of the righteous and chosen. 4 And thereafter, it will not be the mighty and exalted who possess the land,a and they will not be able to look at the face of the holy,b for the light of the Lord of Spirits will have appearedc on the face of the holy, righteous, and chosen. 5 And then the kings and mighty will perish, and they will be given into the hand of the righteous and holy, 6 and from then on, no one will seek mercy for thema from the Lord of Spirits, for their life will be at an end. 1a T9 2080 | “and the” al. 2a s\aμdeq m 2080,β | “righteousness” (s\edq[a]) gqt,a (uT9 ). b + “hope and” (tasfaμhomu wa) q. c + “the dwelling place and” (mah…daromu) q. d keh\dewwo | “acted violently toward” (gaf>ewwo) q | + “the name of” T9 . 3a “And when” t2 β. b his ----- righteous] yetkaššat (aμ,t2 β) h…ebuez) (HSS 24; Missoula, Mont.: Scholars Press, 1978) 45. Thus, the emendation of the verb to a·dat be·h\îrô]) parallels “the congregation of the chosen (and the holy)” in 1 Enoch 62:8. These various terms correspond to the biblical cliché, “the congregation of Israel” (‫ישׂראל‬ ‫קהל‬ [qe·hal yisåraμa·dat yisåraμez (Classical Ethiopic) (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1991) 132, 509. My translation follows Charles, Enoch, 70. Martin (Hénoch, 81), Black (Enoch, 43), Ephraim Isaac (“1 [Ethiopic Apocalypse of] Enoch,” in OTP 1:5–89, here 30), and Chialà (Enoc, 85) translate “depend” but prefer “the elect righteous,” “the righteous and elect,” “the righteous who (are) the chosen,” and “the righteous, those elect ones.” 8 Although “righteousness,” the alternative reading of many MSS., could mean that vindication arrives for the righteous, the parallel passages strongly suggest a reference to “the Righteous One,” especially 53:6 with its association of the Righteous and Chosen One and his congregation. 9 1 Enoch 38:1, 2, 3; 41:82 ; 45:6; 47:l2 , 22 , 43 ; 48:4, 7, 9; 50:2; 53:7; 58:4; [60:2, 23; 65:12; 70:4; 71:172 ]. Passages in brackets are located in sections that are very likely secondary to the earliest form of the Parables. See §3.1.8 above, p. 18. 10 1 Enoch 38:2, 3; 39:6, 7; 51:5; 56:6-7 (chosen and righteous); 58:1, 2; [60:8, chosen and righteous]; 61:3-4, 13; 62:12, 13, 15; [70:3, chosen and righteous]. Passages in brackets are located in sections that are very likely secondary to the earliest form of the Parables. 11 1 Enoch 40:5; 45:3, 5; 56:8; 62:7, 8, 11. 12 1 Enoch 38:5; 39:4; 48:7; 51:2; 65:12 (a Noachic addition). rather than saqala.7 In the first instance it seems better to leave the text as is, citing 94:4, and in the latter case to associate the idiom with its counterparts in 43:4 and 46:8. The manifestation of the community of the...


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