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• • • • 1 Peter • • • • Paul J. Achtemeier • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hermeneia- • • • • A Critical • • • • and • • • • Historical • • • • Commentary • • • • on the • • • • Bible "With more than twenty volumes in print at this point, it is evident that Hermeneia must be regarded as the premier biblical commentary series in the English-speaking world today. While some other biblical commentary series have suffered from the uneven quality of the contributions, the individual volumes of Hermeneia are notable for their uniformly high caliber. The quality of scholarship throughout is first-rate. The Hermeneia commentaries have set a standard of excellence in biblical interpretation that future series will be hard-pressed to meet." -Michael L. Barre The Catholic Biblical Quarterly "Hermeneia is offered to us just at the right moment, just as scholarship has reached a summation of a whole period of critical reflection. These commentaries, for the foreseeable future, will be the benchmark and reference point for all future work. I anticipate that the basic, technical work in this research will become generative of many other studies and commentaries that can build on this scholarship as a completely reliable baseline. The series offers the very best available. We are, moreover, fortunate to have a press willing to undertake such a formidable publishing project. " -Walter Brueggemann Columbia Theological Seminary "The Hermeneia Commentaries are an excellent series, featuring many notable twentieth-century biblical scholars. Taken together, Hermeneia represents some of the best recent biblical scholarship. The Commentaries are a pleasure to handle and easy to use. I have no hesitation in recommending them for students." -Professor M. D. Hooker University of Cambridge, Faculty of Divinity "The Hermeneia series has established itself among the most useful tools available for biblical research, whether by professionals or by laypersons. These commentaries present solid scholarship, but the editors have not been afraid to include some fresh, even venturesome interpretations . Excellence in content is matched by handsome design and production; the books are a pleasure to use." -Wayne A. Meeks Yale University "Hermeneia has established itself as one of the leading international technical commentary series. The depth and breadth of the various authors' grasp both of historical context and of contemporary literature makes the volumes an unsurpassed resource for background, informed critique, insightful exegesis, and often stimulating exposition. Serious students of biblical texts will want to consult Hermeneia and where possible to have the relevant volumes close to hand." -James D. G. Dunn University of Durham "The Hermeneia commentary series is a distinguished contribution to New Testament scholarship. Some of its earlier volumes-for example, M. Dibelius and H. Greeven on James-represent classic positions that must be taken into account by all other interpreters. The newer volumes enrich the usefulness of the series for serious scholars." -Luke Timothy Johnson Emory University ...


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