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I , n :::r .., 0 :;j (") Cl ) en "For someone for whom the very idea of a commentary has become problematic. it is no small matter to write a recommendation for a commentary series.Yet this is precisely what I can do for Hermeneia. It clearly includes the best of the genre for our times. But, far more important, when I have grudgingly admitted my need to refer to commentaries, again and again it has been a Hermeneia commentary that has provided me far more than the genre typically calls for and has thereby convinced me of the wisdom of not completely writing off the commentarycertainly not the Hermeneia commentary-just now. I seriously commend Hermeneia to all serious students of religion and theology." -Vincent L. Wimbush Union Theological Seminary, New York " For the study of both the Old and the NewTestament, the Hermeneia series of commentaries has made its mark. Ever since the series was started, its commentaries have been well written by established scholars who have displayed their competence in them.The series should be welcomed by all scholars, students, pastors, and educated layfolk who are eager to Jearn more about the meaning of the Word of God in the biblical books so interpreted:' -Joseph A. Fitzmyer Emeritus Professor The Catholic University of America "During the years that have passed since the Hermeneia series began, the exegetical trade has adopted some new methods of approach. So, to some extent, I have also myself applied literary criticism and text linguistics to biblical texts. But this does not for a moment mean that I can do without the commentaries of the classical historicocritical approach, to which the Hermeneia series belongs. On the contrary, they are as necessary as ever." -Lars Hartman Uppsala University "The Hermeneia volumes are the commentaries on my shelf that I use most often.They express clear opinions and give the primary references tor checking up on the authorssometimes disagreeing with them. What more can one ask tor? And the layout is a sheer pleasure tor the eye:· -Krister Stendahl Emeritus Professor Harvard Divinity School "Hermeneia is the great and successful enterprise to link together European and American exegetical traditions, methods, and insights. It is a strong foundation tor international and ecumenical theological discourse about the Bible, and it will help to overcome boundaries and limits of denominations, nations, and languages. It is a must in every theological study in Europe:· -Eckart Otto University of Munich "The Hermeneia commentaries published so tar are excellent. They are rigorous without being pedantic, scholarly yet accessible to pastors and students. Each new volume is a milestone in current biblical scholarship. I look forward keenly to the volumes yet to appear." -Graham N. Stanton Lady Margaret Professor of New Testament University of Cambridge rsaN -13 : 97a - o- aoo6 - 60a5- 7 ISBN -10 : o - aoo6 - 60a5 - ~ I ""'" 9 780800 660857 "A lifetime studying Chronicles comes to its full fruition in this comprehensive commentary on a biblical book that is often ; overlooked. Klein's deep penetration into the text and meaning of Chronicles is unexcelled in the English language and provides the reader of the book all that he or she needs to understand and expound the meaning of the text. It will be the standard against which other commentaries on Chronicles are measured for years to come." -Patrick D. Miller, Princeton Theological Seminary "Here, finally, is the first of two commentary volumes encompassing meticulous and lucid interpretations of everything there is to be pondered in that eminently theological composition of the postexilic period.Text, ancient manuscripts and versions, English translation, literary growth, forms, history, near eastern geography and ethnology, geo-politics. archaeological evidence, theological concepts-the author pays scrupulous attention to every bit of significant testimony .. .produces priceless insights for everyone interested in Hebrew Scriptures and Biblical theology." -Erhard S. Gerstenberger, Emeritus, Marburg University ...


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