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Reference Codes 1. Sources and Abbreviations AASOR AB ABD ace. AcOr act. ad Joe. Adam and Eve Add Esth adj. adv. Ag. Ap. AGJU AGSU AJP AJSL al. ALGHJ AnBib ANET ANF ANRW Ant. Ap.john Apoc. Abr. Apoc. Mos. Apoc. Zeph. APOT Aram. ArOr ARW Asc. !sa. ASTI AThANT Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research Anchor Bible Anchor Bible Dictionary (David Noel Freedman, ed.; 6 vols.; Garden City, N.Y., 1992) accusative Acta orientalia active ad locum, at the place discussed Life ofAdam and Eve Additions to Esther adjective adverb Josephus, Against Apion Arbeiten zur Geschichte des antikenjudentums und des Urchristentums Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Spagudentums und Urchristentums Americanjournal ofPhilology AmericanJournal ofSemitic Languages and Literature alii, others Arbeiten zur Literatur und Geschichte des hellenistischen Judentums Analecta biblica Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament Games B. 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EMML Ethiopic collection of Hill Redpath, Concordance to the Monastic Manuscript Library...


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