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9 2 Corinthians 9 Chapter Ill: 2 Corinthians 9, a Letter to the Christians of Achaia Now concerning the charitable collection for the saints, it is redundant for me to write to you. 2/ For I know your willingness, of which I boast on your behalf to the Macedonians, [telling them] that Achaia has been prepared since a year ago, and your zeal has stirred up a good many of them. 3/ But I have sent the brothers so that our boasting on your behalf may not be made void in this particular point, so that, as I have Uust] said, you may be prepared. 4/ Or else, if Macedonians should come with me and find you unprepared, wenot to mention you-would be put to shame in this project. 5/ Therefore we considered it necessary to appoint the brothers, so that they would go ahead to you and get things ready in advancethat is, your gift of blessing previously pledged, that it be ready as indeed a gift of blessing and not greed. 6/ Consider this: "He who sows sparingly, sparingly will he also reap," and he who sows bountifully, bountifully will he also reap. 7/Everyone [gives] as his heart has decided, not as a result of internal distress or external pressure. For "God loves a cheerful giver." 8/ But God is powerful [enough] to make every benefit abundant for you, so that by having full self-sufficiency in all things at all times you may also have abundance for [doing] every good work. 9/ As it is written: "He scattered, he gave to the poor; his righteousness remains into eternity." 10/ The one who provides "seed for the sower and bread for consumption" will provide and [indeed] increase your seed and multiply the fruits of your righteousness. 11 I [As a result] we are wealthy in every respect [and] for every kind of generosity, the very thing that generates through us thanksgiving to God. 12/ For the charitable act of this public service not only supplies the wants of the saints but also abounds through many thanksgivings to God. 13/ Through the evidence of this charitable gift, they praise God for the submission [expressed] by the contractual agreement for the [benefit of] the gospel of Christ, and [for] the generosity of the partnership benefiting them and all. 14/ In their prayer for you they also long for you on account of the exceeding grace of God [bestowed] on you. 15/ Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift. 87 omitted 1-15 1-2 Ia lb 2 2a 2b 2c 3-Sa 3 3a 3b 3c 4 4a 4b Sa Sb Sb-c Sb Sc 6-14 6 literary Analysis of the Letter a. Conspectus of the Analysis [I. Epistolary Prescript) II. Body of the Letter 88 A. Exordium I . Subject matter 2. Statement of purpose: redundancy topos 3. Captatio beneuolentiae a. Acknowledgment of the addressees' willingness b. Report about Paul's dilemma I) His boast to the Macedonians on behalf of the Achaians 2) Quotation of the boast 3) Effect on the Macedonians B. Narratio I . The facts regarding the brothers a. The envoys in question b. Paul's responsibility for sending them c. Purpose of their mission I) Negatively: to prevent embarrassment to Paul 2) Positively: to assure that the claims in Macedonia agree with the facts in Achaia a) Reference to the claim: «a8w~ l>..tyov ("as I have said") b) Repetition of quotation (cf. v 2b) 2. Considerations leading to the sending of the envoys a. Prevention of embarrassment to Paul I) A possible scenario of his forthcoming visit to Achaia a) Arrival with a group of Macedonians b) Discovery of the Achaians' unpreparedness 2) The resultant embarrassment a) His being put to shame b) Failure of the project b. Prevention of embarrassment to the Achaians 3. The measures taken a. Connection: o~v ("therefore") b. Type of decision c. Type of measure I) Technical term: 7rapa«aA.tlv ("appoint") 2) Envoys in question d. Their assignment I) To form an advance team 2) To get things ready in advance C. Propositio I. Points of agreement a. Collection has been pledged before b. It is to be called a "gift of blessing" 2. Points of uncertainty a. Unfinished state of the collection b. Concern for the character of the gift I) That it turn out to be what its name indicates, a "gift of blessing" (tbA.oyla) 2) That it not become the...


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