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8 1 2 Corinthians 8 Chapter II: 2 Corinthians B. a Letter to the Church of Corinth We call your attention. brothers. to the grace of God that has been given in the churches of Macedonia.• 21 because the abundance of their joy [occurred] in a terrible ordeal of distress, and their rockbottom poverty overflowed into the wealth of their generosity. 31 For [they acted] according to [their] means. as I can bear witness, and [even] beyond their means, on their own initiative 41 petitioning us in the form of a sincere request for the favor of partnership in the charitable gift [destined] for the saints. 51 Not [only did they do this] as we had hoped. but they [even] gave themselves, first to the Lord and [then] to us, through the will of God. 61 As a result, we have appointed Titus, for the purpose that as he had begun [it] beforehand he should also bring this charitable collection to completion for your benefit. 7I As you have abundance in everything. in faith and eloquence and knowledge, as well as in every kind of zeal and in that love which came from us and dwells in you, you should have abundance in this gift of charity, too. Bl I do not speak [to you] in terms of a command but as one who, through the zeal of others. conducts a test of the genuineness of your love. 91 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that because of you, though he was rich, he became poor, so that through his poverty you might become rich. 101 On this point I am giving you my advice: This is the expedient [thing to do] for you who a year ago began [the collection] ahead [of others] in regard not only to action but also to determination. 11 I Now then, complete the action, so that as there was your eager determination there may also be its completion-in proportion to what you possess. 121 For if the willingness is present. [the gift is] acceptable [when it is] in proportion to what one possesses. not what one does not possess. 131 For the purpose'[of the collection] is not that there [should be] relief for others and trouble for you, but [it should be] a matter of equality. 141 At the present time your abundance should take care of their deficiency, in order that their abundance may take care of your deficiency , too, so that there may be equality . 151 As it is written: "He who gathered much had not too much. and he who gathered little had not too little." 161 Thanks be to God who gave the same 37 omitted 1-24 1-5 1a 1b-5 2 3-5 3 4 5 zeal for you into the heart of Titus. 17/ for he has accepted the appointment; [indeed] being [even] more zealous [about it], he is about to depart to you on his own initiative. 18/ But we are sending with him the brother whose praise in the gospel has gone through all the churches. 19/ Not only this. but he was also elected by the churches as our traveling companion in association with this work of charity administered by us for the glory of the Lord [himself] and for our zeal. 20/ Acting in this way we avoid the possibility that someone should complain against us in view of the large sum of money being administered by us. 21/ For we take forethought for the good. not only before the Lord. but also before men. 22/ But we are sending with them our brother [as well] whom we have approved as being efficient in many matters at many times. Now he is more efficient than ever because of his great confidence in you. 23/ On behalf of Titus: my partner representing me. and a fellow worker assigned to you. Our brothers: envoys of the churches, glory of Christ. 24/ Therefore show to them. as to the person of the churches. the evidence of your love and our boast about you. Literary Analysis of the Letter a. Conspectus of the Analysis [I. Epistolary Prescript] II. Body ofthe Letter 38 A. Exordium 1. Opening formula: yvwpl(op.EV ~f vp.'iv, .. . ("we call your attention, ...") 2. Address: ii~EA¢ol ("brothers") 3. The example of the Macedonians a. Description of their situation in general 1) The.theological presupposition: the gift of God's grace 2) The paradoxical...


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