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6 1 1rpay11a ~XELII, "have a lawsuit"; P. Oxy. 743.19; further instances in Moulton and Milligan s.v. 1rpay,.,.a. 2 3 Mace. 3.21; Philo, Somn. 1.54;Jos., Ap. 1.318; 5 Bauer, s.v. ro>.,.,.O.W. 3 KpLIIEU8at does not have to be rendered "let oneself be judged," see Bauer, s.v. KpLIIw 4a{j; the middle and passive can mean "to have.a dispute before 6 a court"; Thuc., Hist. 4.122.4; LXX. 4 Forensic Ell: Ditt., Syll. 1:195, lines 57-59 (no. 147, 45): KPLIIEU8w Ell 'A8rwaLoL~ Kal TOL~ UVIJ.IJ.aXOL~ w~ 7 {JLa"AUwll T~ll UVIJ.IJ.axLall, "Let him be judged by 8 the Athenians and their allies as one who destroys the alliance." Not so Ps.-Callisthenes, Hist. Alex. Magn. 2.21.21: {jou> OE /-1~ Ell Eavro'i'~ KpLPELJJ, 5uoJJ n~ VIJ.WP EXEL 1rpo~ ~rEpo11, oME £c/>' ou {jou"AEu8E , "I do not want you to have lawsuits with each other, whatever any of you may have against an1 Corinthians 6:1-11 Church and World When one of you has a case against another .' does he dare2 to go to law3 before the unrighteous instead of before the saints? 21 Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is brought to judgment before you,4 then are you not competent to deal with the pettiest cases? 31 Do you not know that we shall judge angels7-to say nothing of everyday matters I 4 I So when you have everyday disputes, do you then appoint as judges those of all people who count for nothing in the church75 5 1I say this to shame you. Is there not a single competent man among you. then, who can judge between his brothers76 6 1 But one brother goes to law with another-and that, too. before unbelievers? 7 I Why,1 it is already a fault8 that you have lawsuits with each other at all. Why not rather let yourselves be wronged? Why not rather let yourselves be robbed? 8 I But you actually do wrong to others and rob others, and brothers at that. 9 I Or do you not know that unjust men will not inherit the kingdom of God7 Make no mistake I Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor perverts, nor homosexuals. 10 I nor thieves, nor the avaricious, no drunkards or slanderers or robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.11 I And that is what some of you were. But you have been washed. but you have been sanctified , but you have been justified through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and through the Spirit of our God. other, not even before anyone you wish" (following Conzelmann's German). EIJ is not to be compared with Acts 17:31. Ka8Ljw, "appoint as": Plat., Leg. 873e, OtKaurfw, "judge";Jos., Ant. 20.200, uwEOpLOJJ KPLTWJJ, "an assembly ofjudges." The sentence is more simply taken as a question than as an ironical summons. The expression is short for aJJa IJ.EUOJJ aOEX¢oiJ Kal (aJJa IJ.EUOJJ) TOU lx.OEXcpoiJ aurou, "between a brother and his brother." Om. p46 ~· D* 33. See Hans Lietzmann, An die Romer, HNT, 8 (Tiibingen :J. C. B. Mohr [Paul Siebeck], 4 1933), ad Rom 11 :12, with a reference to Lib., Or. 11.167; El~ f.XarrwiJ.a KEKptrat, "It is reckoned as a defect." Bauer (s.v. iJ.EII 2a) abides by "defeat": "indeed it is already a defeat for you"; cf. Epict., Diss. 2.18.6. 103 For literary criticism see on 5:10f.9 The Christians' relationship to their world is illustrated in one particular case, that of proceedings between Christians before worldly courts. Paul speaks in loose diatribe style: "Do you not know ...?"The criterion is supplied by eschatology. Th~ apocalyptic idea of the role of the "saints" in the last judgment is reinterpreted in terms of the present, not in the sense that the church anticipates the judgment in moralistic ways, but in the indirect sense that it practices its eschatological sovereignty in the world. This section is highly significant from the standpoint both ofecclesiastical and ofsecular history. It shows us the first hints of an internal jurisdiction on the church's part which ever since Constantine's day has been a regular part of the legal setup and has belonged as such to the system ofchurch...


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