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Editor's Note The English translation of First Corinthians at the head of each section of this Commentary is an original one produced from tne Greek text by the translator and the editor of the volume, with a view to reflecting the exegetical options followed in the Commentary. The author's German translation was consulted throughout. Wherever possible, all other biblical translations follow the RSV, the source being indicated in each case. For the most part, translations from ancient Greek and Latin texts are taken from the Loeb Classical Library and are identified by volume and page numbers in that series. The sources of all other translations are indicated. Modern scholarly literature is cited according to published English translations whenever these are available, but for the convenience of the reader reference is made in brackets also to the original. For those works listed in the Short Title list, only the page numbers of the original are included within square brackets. An exception to this policy is the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament / Theologisches Wiirterbuch .e;um Neuen Testament; since the pagination of TDNTis normally almost identical with that of TWNT, the German page references are omitted. The Bibliography has been expanded to include a larger number of works frequently cited in the Commentary itself, but no attempt has been made to add literature that has appeared since 1969. The endpapers are photographed from the excellent facsimile of Codex K: Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus : The New Testament, The Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas, ed. Helen and Kirsopp Lake (Oxford: Clarendon, 1911). The front endpaper is folios 72v and 73r, containing 1 Cor 11:15-14:5, the back endpaper folios 73v and 74r, containing 1 Cor 14:5-15:37. Page v shows a detailed enlargement. xxii ...


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