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1 Corinthians • • • • • Tranalated from the German Dtr mu Briefan du Ellrirlllttr by Hana Conzelmann (tat edition). Kritilch-Exegetilc:her Kommentar il.ber du Neue Testament begrundet von Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer, Fil.nfte Abteilung-11. Auftage.O Vanden· hoeck &: Ruprecht, Gllttingen, 1969. C 11711n the Engllah trenalatlon by Fortreu Pr... All rightl reserved. No part of thia publication may be reproduced, atored in a retrieval ayatem, or transmitted in any form or by any meana, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwiae, without the prior permiaaion of the copyright owner. Ubrary of Congr... Catalog Card Number 73-88310 ISBN 08001 1001-8 Design by Kenneth Hiebert Type set by Maurice Jacobs, Inc., Philadelphia Manufactured in the U.S.A. 1·6005 94 678910 iv • 1 Corinthians A Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians by Hans Conzelmann Translated by James W. Leitch Bibliography and References by James W. Dunkly Edited by George W. MacRae, S.J. Fortress Press Philadelphia Hermeneia -A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible Old Testament Editorial Board Frank Moore Cross, Harvard University, chairman Klaus Baltzer, University of Munich Paul D. Hanson, Harvard University S. Dean McBride, Jr., Union Theological Seminary in Virginia Peter Machinist, Harvard University Susan Niditch, Amherst College Christopher R. Seitz, Yale University Roland E. Murphy, 0 . Carm., emeritus New Testament Editorial Board Helmut Koester, Harvard University, chairman Harold W. Attridge, University of Notre Dame Adela Yarbro Collins, University of Chicago Eldon jay Epp. Case Western Reserve University James M. Robinson, Claremont Graduate School FDR ELISABETH The Author Hans Conzelmann, born in 1915, served on the theological faculties at Tiibingen, Heidelberg, and Zurich before assuming his present position on the theological faculty at Gottingen. He is well known in English for The Theology ofSt. Lulce (1960), An Outline ofthe Theology of the New Testament (1969) and Jesus (1973). He has also contributed to Kittel's Theological Dictionary ofthe New Testament, Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Das Neue Testament Deutsch, the Handbuch zum Neuen Testament, and the Meyer Kommentar. His thorou·gh revision of Martin Dibelius' The Pastoral Epistles has already appeared in Hermeneia. vi ...


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