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90000 ISBN 1·56639-532·1 JEAN STEFANCIC is Research Associote in Low atthe University of Colorodo Low School. She is outhor (with Delgado) of No Merly: How Conservative Think Tanks andFoundations ChangedAmerica'sSocial Agenda (Temple), FailedRevolutions: SocialReformandthe Limitsof LegalImagination, ond Must We DefendNazis? Hate Speech, Pornography , andthe New FirstAmendment. Hlitker,P IfliRll,U_ JlJI:qIfeIineJ.,Jiihil Kenneth LKarst, JoyceE. DIU1,._ Langer, Noney Levit, Mimoel Und, (otfillridet Mohoney, Jerold N. Mons, GeoJge A. MriJet. PeggyMclnlush, Cheme Momgo, ToniMorrison, Moynihan, James Ookes, lad Olson, Juan F. Perea, E. Polasky, eetrtors of Race 7iuitorMogozine, Doro1hy f. Roediger, Jeffrey Rosen, Loretto1. Ross, Thomos R05Iii, Mo sell, Koren Brodkin Socks, Judy Scoles-Trent, Peter M. Shone, Sherry, Eorl Shorris, Sung-Hee Suh, Colvin lrillin, Emily F"1eId VOII Cornel West, Stephonie M. Wildmon, Roger Wilkins, Gregory Williams:" Chrislupher Wills, Adrian Wooldridge, Luther Wright, Jr., Daniel lot_ RICHARD DELGADO is Charles Inglis Thomson Professor of Low at the University of Colorodo Low School. He is editor af CriticalRace Th,. ory: The Cutting Edge (Temple) and author ofseveral baoks including FoiledRevolutions: SociolReform andthe LimitsofLegallmaginatfon {with Stefoncicl; Words thot Wound: CriticalRace Theory, Assaultive Speech, andthe FirstAmendment, and the 1995 Pulitzer Prize nominee The Rodrigo Chronicles: Conversations on Race andAmerica. (OVER DESIGN: Gore SlUdio,lnc.• Prinled in US.A. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS Philadelphia 19122 cloth ISBN 1·56639·531·3 poper ISBN 1·56639·532·1 Howwas wllite.ess in....... _ wily? How Wlites See .....selves How Whites See Others WIit....s: History's Role Wliteness: Law's Role Wliteness: Culture's Role WIit, PrivIege The Ladder of Whiteness The Color Une: Mtlltiracial People and·Passing for White" Biology and Pseudosdence White COIIldousness, White Power What Then Shall We Do? ARole for Whites What _ whites c.cemecIover racial inequity Dr white privdege do about it? How.....category "wlitelesS-..... OYlI'tiIe? At wIIat point does pride ill being white cross the r.into wlite power Dr white SlIpI'emacy? YA,..... 'I-...,.. _as 1risII_Jews, start OIl as ...wIite _later wIIite? c....~slie bt.. wlite _ diff...... liles, .. wIIat does it. .to "paSS for wlite"? Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part IX Part X Part XI oLONGER CONTENTwith occepfing whiteness as the norm, cn1lcol scholars hove turned their ottenfion 10 whiteness ilseW.ln this high~ occessible volume, renowned thinkers ottocksuch questions os: A sweeping portroit of the emerging field of whiteness studies, Critical White Studies presents, for the first fime, the bestwork from sociology, low, hislury, culturol studies, ond Iiteroture. Delgodo ond Stefoncic expressly offer crificol white studies os the nextstep in criticol roce theory . In focusing on whiteness, not only do they osk nonwhites to look more c1ose~ atwhatit meansfor others to be white; they invite whites 10 exomine themselves more seorching~ ond to ulook behind the mirror.U CONTRIBUTORS: Undo l. Ammons, Fronces Lee Ansley, Jomes ArmslTong, Jr., Robin Bornes, Jomes R. Borrett, Derrick A. Bell, Lourel Johnson Block, Richord Brookhiser, Eleonor Morie Brown, Jomes Compbell, Mory Coppello, W. 1. Cosh, Centerfor Democrotic Renewol, Mortho Chomollos, Kothleen Neol Cleover, Philip 1. Cook, Jerome McCristol Culp, Jr., Doug Doniels, Adrienne D. Dovis, Dovison M. Douglos, Dinesh D'Souzo, Anno Everett, Rophoel S. Ezekiel, Doniel A. Forber, Joe R. Feogin, Borboro 1. Flogg, Eric Foner, Robert H. Fronk, Kotherine M. Fronke, Ruth Fronkenberg, George Fredrickson, Chorles A. Gollogher, Nothon Glozer, Dovid Theo Goldberg, Jomes W. Gordon, John R. Grohom, John Howord Griffin, Trino Grillo, Bonnie Koe Grover, Andrew Copyrighted Material ...


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