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318 1 htar. See 2 Kgs 11:1. Many Hebrew mss Versions Q; K htarw. In readings discussed in nn. 8, 23, 24, and 52, Chronicles presupposes a text in its Kings Vorlage other than Kings MT. 2 Patricia Dutcher-Walls (Narrative Art, 29) suggests a more idiomatic rendering of “rose and destroyed,” such as “she began to destroy” or “she quickly destroyed.” 3 dbatw with a few Hebrew mss and 2 Kgs 11:1. MT rbdtw “and she spoke.” HALOT, 209, suggests that MT could also mean “destroy.” 4 [rz. Literally: “seed.” 5 t[bvwhy. BHS: Read [bvwhy; cf. LXXBL Iwsabee. Cf. 2 Kgs 11:2. Surely the Chronicler’s spelling of this name should be retained. Allen, Greek Chronicles, 1:208. 6 ^lmh tb. A translation for “the daughter of the king” is lacking at this point in LXX. 7 @hkh; lacking in LXX. 8 whrytstw. Cf. 2 Kgs 11:2 LXX kai; e[kruyen aujtovn. Kgs MT wta wrtsyw “and they hid him.” 9 whylt[ ynpm; LXX kai; e[kruyen aujto;n ajpo; pro­ swvpou Goqoliva~ “and she hid him from before Athaliah.” The translator repeated the expression “and she hid him” used earlier in the verse. 10 !ta MT. Chr LXXAal Syr Arab and 2 Kgs 11:3 hta, “with her.” Chr LXX metÆ aujtou' “with him,” possibly hToai. See Allen, Greek Chronicles, 1:207. 11 ty[bvh; LXX twæ' ojgdovwæ “eighth.” This may have developed from a misread numerical abbreviation. See G. R. Driver, “Once Again Abbreviations,”­ Textus 4 (1964) 82. 12 tyrbb; LXX eij~ oi\kon tybb “into a house”; LXXAal eij~ oi\kon kurivou hwhy tybb “in the house of Yahweh .” Both tyb and tyrb occur in 2 Chr 23:3//2 Kgs 11:4. If the correct reading is “house,” Jehoiada brought the various figures in this verse to the temple. 13 whyc[m taw. Note that this name and the next are introduced by taw whereas the first three are introduced with l. 14 whyd[. Syr wd[. 15 fpvyla; ÆEleisafa;n. 16 l[ with BHS. MT ![ “with.” 17 ^lmh @b ta [dwyhy !ta aryw, with LXX and 2 Kgs 11:4 (Rudolph [270] proposes that it was lost in Chronicles MT by homoioteleuton). Dillard (177–78) thinks that Chr LXX has been assimilated to 2 Kgs 11:4 LXX, which I view as unlikely. Dillard notes that the Chronicler has already mentioned the king in the previous sentence, and he thinks that the clause from Kgs is inappropriate in this context. 18 ynb. LXX to;n oi\kon “the house of.” 19 !ypsh yr[vl. BHS reports a proposed emendation: 10/ When Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah saw1 that her son was dead, she rose2 and destroyed3 all the heirs4 of the kingdom belonging to the house of Judah. 11/ But Jehoshabeath5 the daughter of the king6 took Joash the son of Ahaziah and stole him from the midst of the sons of the king who were about to be killed, and she put him and his wet nurse in a bedroom, and Jehoshabeath, the daughter of the king Jehoram and wife of Jehoiada the priest,7 hid him,8 for she was the sister of Ahaziah, from Athaliah9 so that she did not put him to death. 12/ And he was with them10 in the house of God, hiding for six years while Athaliah was ruling as queen over the land. 23:1/ And in the seventh11 year, Jehoiada took courage and brought into the covenant12 with himself the officers of the hundreds, Azariah son of Jeroham, Ishmael son of Jehohanan, and Azariah son of Obed, together with Maaseiah13 son of Adaiah,14 Elishaphat15 son of Zichri. 2/ They went around throughout Judah and gathered the Levites from all the towns of Judah and the heads of families of Israel and came to Jerusalem. 3/ All the assembly made a covenant in the house of God with regard to16 the king. And Jehoiada showed them the son of the king.17 He said to them, “Look, the son of the king will be king just as Yahweh promised to the sons of18 David. 4/ This is how you should act. One third of you, priests and Levites, who come on duty on the Sabbath, shall be gatekeepers of the thresholds.19 5/ One third of you shall be in the king’s house, and one third shall be at the Gate of the Foundation.20 And all the people shall...


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