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208 1 wymyb; LXX ejn tai'~ hJmevrai~ ÆAsa “in the days of Asa.” Allen (Greek Chronicles, 2:150) interprets the LXX as an explanatory change to avoid Abijah being taken as the subject of the sentence. 2 $rah. LXX hJ gh' ÆIouvda “the land of Judah.” Allen (Greek Chronicles, 2:36) interprets the LXX as a corruption . 3 rc[; Syr Arab “twenty.” Cf. 2 Chr 15:10-19, which takes place from the fifteenth to the thirty-fifth year of Asa. 4 asa; lacking in LXX. Cf. 2 Chr 13:23 (14:1), however , where Asa is listed as Abijah’s successor. 5 @mj; see HALOT, 329. For discussion of the meaning of this word, see the commentary. The proposal of A. S. Yahuda (“Hebrew Words of Egyptian Origin,” JBL 66 [1947] 85), who derives @mj from Egyptian hÚmn (the number eight) and states that the hÚmn.yw are the eight primeval gods of Hermopolis, is highly unlikely. 6 wnvrdk, following a suggestion in BHS; cf. LXX Syr Arab. MT wnvrd yk “For we have sought.” See also the next note and the commentary. 7 Wnv;r:D“, following a suggestion in BHS. MT Wnv]r"D: “we sought (him).” The word is lacking in LXX Syr and Arabic. Hognesius (Text of 2 Chronicles, 160) states that an erroneous vocalization (see the previous note) led to this repetition, but he then refuses to emend the previous verb (n. 515)! 8 wjylxyw wnbyw. LXX kai; eujovdwsen hJmin = jylxh wnlw “and he has given us success.” Rudolph (240) states that the latter reading is not to be preferred. 9 #la !ynwmvw !ytam. LXX and Josephus Ant. 8.291 “two hundred and fifty thousand.” 10 !ypla #la lyjb. NIV “with a vast army.” Do apologetic reasons lie behind this translation? 11 twam vlv; Syr Arab “thirty thousand.” 12 htpx aygb. BHS proposes hnwpx aygb “in a valley north (of Mareshah).” Cf. LXX kai; ejn thæ' favraggi katav borra'n. Hognesius (Text of 2 Chronicles, 161) follows the LXX, since it explains the following preposition (l). In this understanding, the waµw and nûn of hnwpx were written together as t. 13 Japhet, 711: “There is none except you to help [in a conflict] between the strong and the weak.” 14 vwna ^m[ rx[y la. Hognesius (Text of 2 Chronicles, 161) favors the translation offered above. The verb rx[y is an elliptical representation of jwk rx[y “be capable of.” 15 rrg; LXX Gedwr = rdg. A town Gedor is mentioned in 1 Chr 4:39, though it is often emended with the LXX to Gerar (see Klein, 1 Chronicles, 144). 16 !yvwkm; Cairo Genizah !yvwkhm, with an addition of the definite article. 17 hnqm ylha !gw. The LXX has both a translation and a transliteration, and the translation is probably a 23b (14:1b)/ In his days1 the land2 was quiet for ten3 years. 14:1 (2)/ Asa4 did what was good and upright in the eyes of Yahweh his God. 2 (3)/ He removed the foreign altars and the high places, and he broke in pieces the pillars and hewed down the asherim. 3 (4)/ He commanded Judah to seek Yahweh the God of their ancestors and to keep the law and the commandment . 4 (5)/ He removed from all the cities of Judah the high places and the chapels5 so that the kingdom was quiet before him. 5 (6)/ He built cities of defense in Judah, for the land was quiet, and he had no war in these years since Yahweh had given him rest. 6 (7)/ He said to Judah, “Let us build these cities, and let us surround them with a wall, towers, double doors, and bars; the land is still at our disposal. Since we have sought6 Yahweh our God, he has sought us,7 and he has given us rest all around.” And they built and prospered.8 7 (8)/ Asa had an army of three hundred thousand from Judah bearing large shields and spears, and from Benjamin bearing round shields and drawing bows were two hundred and eighty9 thousand; all these were mighty warriors. 8 (9)/ Zerah the Cushite came out against them with a force of one million,10 and three hundred11 chariots, and he came to Mareshah. 9 (10)/ Asa went out to meet him and they drew up their battle lines in the valley of Zephathah12 at Mareshah. 10 (11)/ Asa cried to Yahweh his God and he said...


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