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192 1/ In the eighteenth year of King Jeroboam, Abijah became king over Judah. 2/ Three1 years he reigned in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Micaiah2 the daughter of Uriel3 from Gibeah.4 There was war between Abijah and Jeroboam.5 3/ Abijah engaged in the battle with an army6 of mighty warriors, four hundred7 thousand chosen men. Jeroboam set up battle lines opposite him with eight hundred thousand chosen mighty warriors. 4/ Abijah stood on Mount Zemaraim,8 which is in the hill country of Ephraim, and said: “Listen to me Jeroboam and all Israel. 5/ Do you not know that Yahweh the God of Israel gave the kingship to David over Israel forever, to him and to his sons as a covenant of salt? 6/ But Jeroboam the son of Nebat the servant of Solomon the son of David rose up and rebelled against his master.9 7/ There gathered to him10 worthless men, good-for-nothings, and they strengthened themselves against Rehoboam the son of Solomon, while Rehoboam was young11 and weak of heart, and he was not able to withstand them. 8/ And now, you think you can withstand the kingdom of Yahweh [which is] in the hand of the sons of David because you have a great multitude and with you are the calves of gold, which Jeroboam made for you as gods. 9/ Have you not thrust out the priests of Yahweh, the sons of Aaron, and the Levites? And you have made for yourselves priests from the people of the land.12 Whoever comes to you to consecrate himself with a young bull or with seven rams becomes a priest to what are ‘no-gods.’ 10/ But as for us, Yahweh is our God, and we have not abandoned him.13 We have priests serving Yahweh who are sons of Aaron and Levites for their functions.14 11/ They offer to Yahweh burnt offerings and sweet incense every morning and every evening, they lay out the rows of bread on the pure table, and they care for the golden lampstand so that its lamps may burn every evening; for we keep the charge of Yahweh our God, but you have abandoned him. 12/ Behold God is with us at the head,15 and his priests have their battle trumpets16 to raise the battle cry against you. O sons of Israel, do not17 fight against Yahweh the God of your ancestors for you cannot succeed .” 13/ Jeroboam had set the ambush to come from behind them, and his troops were in front of Judah, and the ambush was behind them. 14/ Judah turned and behold 13:1-23a (14:1a) The Reign of Abijah Translation 1 vwlv; LXXacefgn e{x “six.” Cf. 1 Kgs 15:2 LXXBL . Why do the two Greek translations differ from the MT and agree with each other? Note that it is only minor Greek mss in Chronicles. 2 whykym. Chr LXX Syr Arab 1 Kgs 15:2 hk[m “Maacah .” Cf. 2 Chr 11:20, where Rehoboam married Maacah the daughter of Absalom. See the discussion of Abijah’s mother in the commentary. 3 lyrwa tb; 1 Kgs 15:2 and Chr LXXL “daughter of Absalom.” 4 h[bg; LXX Gabawvn “Gibeon”; Syr Arab rmta, about a Rehoboam28 and Jeroboam all his days.”29 This would seem to be a misplaced doublet of 1 Kgs 14:30//2 Chr 12:15 (referring to the continual wars between Rehoboam and Jeroboam), which is part of the regnal résumé of Rehoboam. In 1 Kgs 15:7 we read: “There was war between Abijam and between Jeroboam,” but this clause is not included in 2 Chr 13:22. It may be a correction of 1 Kgs 15:6, replacing Rehoboam with Abijah, entered at the wrong spot, one verse later. In any case, the Chronicler has a notice about a war at the same place it was in 1 Kgs 15:6, although he corrected the text to read “Abijah and Jeroboam” instead of “Rehoboam and Jeroboam.”30 In Kings “war” seems to refer to an extended series of battles, but in Chronicles it is interpreted as a single battle described in vv. 3, 13-19.  3 Abijah engaged in the battle with an army of mighty warriors ,31 four hundred thousand chosen men. Jeroboam set up battle lines opposite him with eight hundred thousand chosen mighty warriors: The verb “engaged in” (rsa) is used similarly in 1...


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