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42 1/ Solomon began to build the house of Yahweh in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where he had appeared1 to David his father, at the place that David had prepared ,2 on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. 2/ He began to build in the second month,3 in the fourth year of his reign. 3/ Solomon established4 these (measurements) for the building of the house of God: the length in cubits of the former standard was sixty cubits5 and the breadth was twenty cubits. 4/ As for the vestibule which was in front of the house,6 its length was twenty cubits, across the breadth of the house, and its depth was ten cubits,7 and he overlaid it on the inside with pure gold. 5/ And the great house he lined with cypress wood, and he covered8 it with fine9 gold, and put palms and chains on it. 6/ He overlaid the house beautifully with precious stones, and the gold was gold from Parvaim. 7/ He lined the house with gold—the beams, the thresholds, its walls, and its doors; he engraved cherubim on the walls. 8/ He made the most holy house;10 its length corresponding to the breadth of the house was twenty cubits, and its depth was twenty cubits;11 he lined it with six hundred talents of fine12 gold. 9/ And the weight of the nails13 was one shekel14 for (every) fifty shekels of gold. He lined the upper chambers with gold. 10/ He made in the most holy house15 two sculptured16 cherubim, image work, and he overlaid17 them with gold. 11/ As for the wings of the cherubim, their length was twenty cubits: a wing of one, five cubits long, touching the wall of the house, and the other wing, five cubits long, touching the wing of the other cherub. 12/ The wing of one cherub, five cubits long, was touching the wall of the house, and the wing of the other cherub, five cubits long, was joined to the wing of the other cherub.18 13/ The wings of these cherubim were extended19 twenty cubits; the cherubim stood on their feet, facing the nave. 14/ Solomon made the curtain of bluish purple and red purple and crimson fabrics and linen, and he worked cherubim onto it. 15/ In front of the house he made two pillars thirty-five20 cubits high,21 with a capital of five cubits on top of each one. 16/ He made encircling chains22 and put them on top of the pillars; and he made one hundred pomegranates, and put them 1 harn. LXX adds kuvrio~ = hwhy; Tg adds hwhyd akalm “the angel of Yahweh.” Rudolph (200)translates the verb: “which had been designated [ausersehen] [by his father David].” Cf. Gen 22:8 “God will provide (hary) for himself the lamb,” where, however, har is in the qal rather than the niphal. Rudolph rejects “appeared” because Yahweh does not explicitly appear to David in 1 Chronicles 21. He also considers the next clause (at the place David had prepared) a secondary attempt to secure the correct understanding of harn. Myers (2:14), similarly, translates: “which David his father had selected.” 2 dywd @ykh rva !wqmb, with the versions. MT dywd !wqmb @ykh rva. 3 ynvh vdjb. MT adds ynvb “on the second day”; missing in a few Hebrew mss LXX Syr Vg Arab. BHS and Rudolph (200) suggest deleting it because it is the result of dittography. It seems to be a combination of the preceding and following words ynvh and tnvb. It is also missing in 1 Kgs 6:1. Williamson (205) calls it ungrammatical. 4 dS'yI hlaw, with the verb read as piel perfect. MT dswh hophal perfect (Curtis and Madsen [325] identify this as an infinitive used as a substantive; cf. Ezra 3:11). The hê arose by dittography and there was a confusion of the original yôd with waµw. Rudolph (202) and BHS suggest emending to dsy rva twdmh “The measurements which (Solomon) established,” following Tg. LXX kai; tau'ta h[rxato “And this is how (Solomon) began.” 5 !yvv. BHS suggests inserting at this point !yvlv twma hbghw “and its height was thirty cubits,” with Syr Arab and VL. This clause may have been lost by homoioteleuton. Cf. Rudolph (202) and 1 Kgs 6:2. But note that Syr puts the clause in a different position than in 1 Kgs 6:2. See the commentary . 6 tybh ynp l[, with...


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