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Contents 2 Chronicles Foreword ix Preface xi Reference Codes 1. Abbreviations xiii 2. Commentaries xv 3. Short Titles xvii Introduction to the Second Volume of the Hermeneia Chronicles Commentary 1 Raymond F. Person’s Revision of the Auld ­ Hypothesis 1 A Utopian Reading of Chronicles 2 Is Chronicles “Rewritten Scripture”? 4 Samaria and the Samaritans 5 Central Themes 6 Outline of 2 Chronicles 12 vii  Commentary 10:1—12:16 The Reign of Rehoboam 13:23b (14:1b)—16:14 The Reign of Asa 1:1-17 God Appears to Solomon at Gibeon; Solomon’s Wealth and Trading Ventures 17 1:18—2:17 (2:1-18) Solomon’s Correspondence with Huram; Conscription of Laborers 29 3:1-17 Solomon Constructs the Temple (the Vestibule, Holy Place, the Most Holy Place, the Cherubim, the Curtain, and the Pillars) 42 4:1—5:1 Solomon Constructs Additional Items for the Temple and Brings into the Temple Items David Had Dedicated 55 5:2-14 The Transfer of the Ark and the Tent of Meeting; a Theophany after the Deposit of the Ark 71 6:1-42 Solomon’s Prayer at the Dedication of the Temple 81 7:1-22 The Two-Week Celebration at the Dedication of the Temple; Yahweh Appears a Second Time to Solomon 102 8:1-18 Miscellaneous Incidents after the Dedication of the Temple 116 9:1-31 The Visit of the Queen of Sheba; the Conclusion of Solomon’s Reign 130 10:1—11:4 The Division of the Kingdom 150 11:5-23 Rehoboam’s First Three Years of Blessing 167 12:1-16 The Invasion of Shishak; the Death of Rehoboam 179 13:1-23a (14:1a) The Reign of Abijah 192 13:23b (14:1b)—14:14 (15) The Piety and Successes of Asa; His Defeat of Zerah the Cushite 208 15:1-19 The Admonition of Azariah, Followed by a Second Reform and a Covenant 222 16:1-14 Asa’s Alliance with Baasha, Rebuke by Hanani, Sickness and Death 235 frontmatter.indd 7 9/21/2012 5:43:53 AM 17:1-19 Early Successes of Jehoshaphat 245 18:1—19:3 The War of Ahab and Jehoshaphat at Ramoth-gilead 256 19:4-11 Jehoshaphat’s Judicial Reform 271 20:1-37 Jehoshaphat’s War against an Eastern Coalition; His Alliance with Ahaziah and His Death 279 21:1-20 The Reign of Jehoram 298 22:1-9 The Reign of Ahaziah 311 22:10—23:21 The Execution of Athaliah and the Installation of Joash as King 318 24:1-27 The Two Periods in the Reign of Joash 332 25:1—26:2 The Two Periods in the Reign of Amaziah 351 26:3-23 The Two Periods in the Reign of Uzziah 367 27:1-9 The Reign of Jotham 384 28:1-27 The Reign of Ahaz 390 29:1-36 Purification of the Temple and Restoration of the Cult 409 30:1-27 The Passover of Hezekiah 427 31:1-21 The Completion of Hezekiah’s Cultic Reforms; Provisions for Collecting and Distributing Contributions to the Priests and Levites 443 32:1-33 Hezekiah Survives the Attack by Sennacherib; Hezekiah’s Final Years and His Death 456 33:1-20 The Reign of Manasseh; 33:21-25 The Reign of Amon 471 34:1-33 Josiah’s Reforms and the Discovery of the Book of the Torah 489 35:1-27 The Passover of Josiah and the Death of Josiah 509 36:1-23 The Last Kings of Judah (Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim,­ Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah) and the Rise of Cyrus 530 Indexes 549 Designer’s Notes 559  Back Matter viii frontmatter.indd 8 9/21/2012 5:43:53 AM ...


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