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27 1/ 16/ Translation This is the list of the sons of Israel, the heads of families, the commanders of thousands and hundreds, the officers who served the king in every matter concerning the divisions ,1as each month came and went away month by month for all the months of the year. Each division numbered twenty-four thousand. 2/ lshbaal2the son of Zabdiel was in charge of the first division in the first month; in3his division were twenty-four thousand.43/ He was from the sons of Perez and was the chief for the first month over all the commanders of the hosts. 4/ Dodai the Ahohite was in charge of the division of the second month;5 in his division were twentyfour thousand. 5/ The third army commander , for the third month, was Benaiah the son of Jehoiada the high priest;6in his division were twenty-four thousand. 6/ This was the Benaiah who was a mighty warrior of the Thirty7 and was over8the Thirty; and over his division9 was Ammizabad his son. 71 Asahel the brother of Joab was fourth for the fourth month, and Zebadiah his son was after him;10 in his division were twenty-four thousand. 8/ The fifth11 for the fifth month was the commander Shamhuth12the Zerahite ;13in his division were twenty-four thousand . 9/ The sixth for the sixth month was Ira son of lkkesh the Tekoite; in his division were twenty-four thousand. 10/ The seventh for the seventh month was Helez the Pelonite from the sons of Ephraim; in his division were twenty-four thousand. 11/ The eighth for the eighth month was Sibbecai the Hushathite of the Zerahites; in his division were twenty-four thousand. 12/ The ninth for the ninth month was Abiezer the Anathothite, from the Benjaminites;14 in his division were twenty-four thousand. 13/ The tenth for the tenth month was Maharai the Netophathite of the Zerahites; in his division were twenty-four thousand. 14/ The eleventh for the eleventh month was Benaiah the Pirathonite from the sons of Ephraim; in his division were twenty-four thousand. 15/ The twelfth for the twelfth month was HeldaP5 the Netophathite, of Othniel; in his division were twenty-four thousand. Over the tribes of Israel for the Reubenites, Eliezer son of Zichri was chief officer; for the Simeonites, Shephatiah the son of Maacah. 17/ For Levi, Hashabiah the son of Kemuel; for Aaron, Zadok. 18/ For Judah, Elihu16 from the brothers of David; for lssachar, Omri the son of Michael. 19/ For Zebulun, lshmaiah17 son of Obadiah; for Naphtali, Jeremoth the son of Azriel. 20/ For the Ephraimites, Hoshea the son of Azaziah;18 for the halftribe of Manasseh, Joel the son of Pedaiah. 498 27:1-34 Twelve Military Divisions, Chief Officers, Various Officials mp'ma;, 1::11 ?::>? 1?1:1;, n~ . Rudolph, 178, proposes mp?na;, 'liD ?::>? mp?na;, 1::11 ?.tl "concerning the divisions: of all the leaders of the divisions." LXX rei> .\aci> Kat ELt; 1nxv .\6-yov rov {3mnMwr; KaT? and apparently other innerGreek corruption. Note .\aci> and rov {3aalMwr;. Allen, Greek Chronicles, 1:145-46, posits two references to 26:32, which 1 do not find convincing. 2 '?l!::ltV' with LXX and 11:11 LXX; MT and 11:11 MT DJ!::ltti' 'jashobeam"; 2 Sam 23:8: n::ltti::l :ltV' 'joshebbasshebeth ," from an intermediate ntti::ltti' (cf. LXX), from an original ?J!:Jili'. Cf. textual notes to 1 Chr 11: ll. In both 27:2 and 11:11 MT has 'Jashobeam" and LXX has "lshbaal," with tl1e latter more likely the original reading tl1at has been corrected in both verses in the MT. 3 Johnstone, 1:266, here and in vv. 4-5 and 7-15, translates ?.tl with the word "over." As a result there are twenty-four thousand supervisot·s in each monthly division or two thousand per u·ibe per month. 4 "]?~ ;"JJ!::ll~1 C' mp?na ?.tl1. Rudolph, 178, proposes to put these words at the end ofv. 3. 5 MT, but not LXX, adds I'll;] m?pm 1np?nm "And his d ivision, and Mikloth was the chief officer." Rudolph, 178, interprets this as a marginal notation calling attention to the name "Eleazar the son of Dodo the Ahohite" in 11:12. He u·anslates: "As far as his d ivision is concerned, there is corruption (m?pa) [of the nameJof the chief officer." More likely in myjudgment "Mikloth" (m?pm) arose...


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