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15 1/ 4/ 11/ 16/ 19/ Translation He [David] made for himself houses in the city of David, and he prepared a place for the ark of God, and he pitched for it a tent. 2/ Then David commanded that no one should carry the ark of God except the Levites, for Yahweh had chosen them to carry the ark of God and to serve him forever . 3/ David assembled all Israel to Jerusalem to bring up the ark of Yahweh1 to its place, which he had established for it. David gathered the sons of Aaron and the Levites. 5/ Of the sons of Kohath: Uriel the chief. with one hundred twenty of his kindred . 6/ Of the sons of Merari: Asaiah the chief, with two hundred twenty of his kindred . 7/ Of the sons of Gershom: Joel the chief, with one hundred thirty of his kindred. 81 Of the sons of Elizaphan: Shemaiah the chief, with two hundred of his kindred. 9/ Of the sons of Hebron: Eliel the chief, with eighty of his kindred. 10/ Of the sons of Uzziel: Amminadab the chief, with one hundred twelve of his kindred. David invited Zadok and Abiathar the priests, and the Levites Uriel, Asaiah, Joel, Shemaiah, Eliel, and Amminadab, 12/ and he said t o them, " You are the heads of the ancestral houses of the Levites. Sanctify yourselves, you and your kindred, and bring up the ark of Yahweh2 the God of Israel to [the place whichP I have prepared for it. 13/ For at the first time4 you5 did not carry it. Yahweh6 our God has burst out against us for we did not seek him correctly."7 14/ The priests and the Levites sanctified themselves to bring up the ark of Yahweh8 the God of Israel. 15/ The Levites carried the ark of God on their shoulders9 w ith carrying poles on them, just as Moses had commanded by the word of Yahweh.10 David commanded the chiefs of the Levites to appoint11 their kindred the singers to proclaim w ith musical instruments-harps, lyres, and cymbals-and to raise sounds of joy.12 17/ The Levites appointed Heman son of Joel; and of his kindred Asaph the son of Berechiah; and of the sons of Merari their kindred Ethan the son of Kushaiah.13 18/ And with them were their brothers of the second rank, Zechariah,14 and Jaaziel, and Shemiramoth , and Jehiel, and Unni, and Eliab,15 and Benaiah, and Maaseiah, and Mattithiah, and Eliphelehu, and Mikneiah, and Obededom and Jeiel and Azaziah16 were gatekeepersY The singers Heman, Asaph, and Ethan were to sound bronze cymbals. 20/ And Zechariah , and Jaaziel,18 and Shemiramoth, and Jehiel, and Unni, and Eliab, and Maaseiah, and Benaiah19 were to play harps according to Alamoth. 21/ And Mattithiah, and 15:1-16:3 Transferring the Ark to Jerusalem Many Hebrew MSS "God." In readings discussed in textual notes 26 and 32-37, Chronicles is based on a text of Samuel different from Samuel MT. 2 Lacking in LXX. 3 '?~. A few Hebrew MSS, Syr, Tg, Vg, Arab. add iili~ u1p1:l('?il; the prefixed article in MT arose by dittography . 25 2 Sam 6:12 MT "the ark of God"; Samuel LXX, Syr, Tg: "the ark of Yahweh." Chronicles LXX "ark of the covenant." 26 2 Sam 6:13 "he." See the commentary. 27 2 Sam 6:13 4QSam" [o·':n:; il]ll:l~1 [D']I!:I [illl]:l~ = Chronicles. Samuel MT t~;'ID 11~ "a bull and a fatling" or, via hendiadys, "a fattened bull." 28 The participle '?:ll::lr.l may have been chosen because of its similarity to IYDD ("strumming") in 2 Sam 6:14 (Rudolph, 119). This change may have been facilitated by the reference to David's being clothed in a linen ephod in 2 Sam 6:14b.Japhet, "Interchanges," 12, n. 13, sees Aramaic influence in the word chosen in Chronicles. See also textual note 35 below. 29 Chronicles LXX adds "of the covenant of Yahweh." 30 Read "l(D for MT "l(i)il (dittography of the last letter of the previous word). BHS suggests emending the following word t:;(Dr.lil to t:;(DD:l, but that is unnecessary once the dittography is 1·ecognized. 31 MT mistakenly adds D'"l"l~Dil "the singers." 32 Braun, 191, deletes this last clause as a secondary correction from 2 Sam 6:14. 33 '?t~;I(D' '?::l1; cf. 2 Sam 6...


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