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About the Contributors LINDA L. AMMONS teaches law at Cleveland-Marshall Law School, where she gives classes on administrative law, women and the law, and legislation. She is the co-author of DEFENDING BATTERED WOMEN IN CRIMINAL CASES. FRANCES LEE ANSLEY, professor of law at the University of Tennessee, is a leading writer on discrimination, economic justice, and resistance. JAMES ARMSTRONG, JR., was a nineteenth-century Southern writer. ROBIN BARNES, professor of law at the University of Connecticut, is the author of leading articles on civil rights, critical race theory, and white supremacy. JAMES R. BARRETT is a labor historian at the University of Illinois. DERRICK A. BELL, professor of law at New York University Law School, is cofounder of the legal school known as critical race theory and author of more than a hundred law review articles, books, and chapters in books. LAUREL JOHNSON BLACK writes about pedagogy and literary composition. RICHARD BROOKHISER is editor of National Review and author of numerous articles, monographs, and books on American politics and society. ELEANOR MARIE BROWN is a graduate of Yale Law School currently doing graduate work at Oxford University. JAMES CAMPBELL is a senior research officer at the Institute for Advanced Social Research at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and is the author of SONGS OF ZION: A HISTORY OF THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES AND SOUTH AFRICA. MARY CAPPELLO writes about literature and culture. W. J. CASH, whose 1940 classic, THE MIND OF THE SOUTH, has never been out of print, was a journalist at the Charlotte (N.C.) News. THE CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL is a nonprofit research clearinghouse for information on white supremacist hate groups and hate crimes in the United States. Founded in 1979 as the National Anti-Klan Network, CDR monitors the ways that hate groups infringe on the civil and human rights of American citizens and helps communities constructively respond to bigoted violence. MARTHA CHAMALLAS, professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh, teaches courses in constitutional law, employment discrimination, sexuality and the law, and feminist legal thought. KATHLEEN NEAL CLEAVER, a feminist theorist of black power, is professor of law at Emory University School of Law. Copyrighted Material 666 About the Contributors PHILIP J. COOK is a professor of public policy at Duke University. JEROME MCCRISTAL CULP, JR., is professor oflaw at Duke University, where he teaches and writes in the areas of civil rights, critical thought, and law and economics. DOUG DANIELS teaches at the University of Regina. ADRIENNE D. DAVIS is professor of law at American University Law School and writes on critical race theory and feminism. RICHARD DELGADO serves as the Charles Inglis Thomson Professor of Law at the University of Colorado, where he teaches and writes in the areas of critical race theory, hate speech, and law and narrative. DAVISON M. DOUGLAS is professor of law at William and Mary School of Law, where he teaches courses in American legal history, constitutional law, and employment law. DINESH D'SOUZA is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and author of several books on American universities and race, including ILLIBERAL EDUCATION (1993) and THE END OF RACISM (1995). ANNA EVERETT teaches film studies at the University of Colorado. RAPHAEL S. EZEKIEL is a senior research scientist with the Public Health Practices Initiative at Harvard University's School of Public Health. DANIEL A. FARBER is the Henry J. Fletcher Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota, where he teaches and writes in the areas of constitutional law, environmental law, jurisprudence , and critical theory. JOE R. FEAGIN teaches at the University of Florida and is the author of many highly acclaimed books on race and racism. BARBARA J. FLAGG is professor of law at Washington University, where she teaches courses on feminist jurisprudence, sex discrimination, and critical race theory. She is a leading writer on whiteness and racism. ERIC FONER is De Witt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University and the author of widely acclaimed books on black history. ROBERT H. FRANK is professor of economics at Cornell University. KATHERINE M. FRANKE teaches law at the University of Arizona, specializing in civil rights, disability law, and feminist jurisprudence. RUTH FRANKENBERG writes in the areas of feminism, women's studies, and cultural studies and is associate professor of American studies at the University of California at Davis. GEORGE M. FREDRICKSON, author of numerous articles and books on race and history, teaches in the Department...


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