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From the Editors: Issues and Comments Do whites have any role to play in liberation movements for blacks, Puerto Ricans, and other nonwhite groups? Or is their most appropriate role working among their own people, raising consciousness and preaching racial tolerance? If a white wants to be helpful to blacks, should he or she first come to terms with his or her own whiteness-and, if so, what does that mean? If you are white, should you be a "race traitor " who goes around challenging the white point of view at every opportunity? Is every white-perhaps every person in our society-an unconscious racist, as a number of our writers assert? If so, should we all give up-or try harder? Suggested Readings Bonnett, Alastair, RADICALISM, ANTI-RACISM AND REPRESENTATION (Routledge, 1993). Dalton, Harlon, RACIAL HEALING (Doubleday, 1995). Delgado, Richard, Rodrigo's Eleventh Chronicle: Empathy and False Empathy, 84 CAL. L. REV. 61 (1996). Haney Lopez, Ian L WHITE BY LAW (New York University Press, 1995). Harvey, John, and Noel Ignatiev, RACE TRAITOR (Routledge, 1996). Ignatiev, Noet How to Be a Race Traitor: Six Ways to Fight Being White, UTNE READER, November/December 1994, at 85. Katz, Judith, WHITE AWARENESS: HANDBOOK FOR ANTI-RACISM TRAINING (University of Oklahoma Press, 1978). Kevet Paut UPROOTING RACISM: How WHITE PEOPLE CAN WORK FOR RACIAL JUSTICE (New Society Publishers, 1996). King, Joyce E., "On Race and Education: A Response/' in THIRTEEN QUESTIONS: REFRAMING EDUCATION'S CONVERSATIONS, 2d ed. (J. Kincheloe & S. R. Steinberg, eds.), 1995. Lind, Michaet THE NEXT AMERICAN NATION: THE NEW NATIONALISM AND THE FOURTH AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Free Press, 1995). Raybon, Patricia, My FIRST WHITE FRIEND (1996). Segrest, Mab, MEMOIR OF ARACE TRAITOR (South End Press, 1994). Copyrighted Material ...


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