restricted access 101 How to Be a Race Traitor: Six Ways to Fight Being White
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101 How to Be a Race Traitor: Six Ways to Fight Being White NOEL IGNATIEV • Identify with the racially oppressed; violate the rules of whiteness in ways that can have a social impact. • Answer an anti-black slur with, "Oh, you probably said that because you think I'm white. That's a mistake people often make because I look white." Reply "Me, too" to charges that "people on welfare don't want to work, they just want to stay home and have babies." • Oppose tracking in the schools, oppose all mechanisms that favor whites in the job market, and oppose the police and courts, which define black people as a criminal class. • Do not merely oppose these things but seek to disrupt their normal functioning. • The color line is not the work of the relatively small number of hardcore "racists"; target not them but the mainstream institutions that reproduce it. • Finally, do not reject in advance any means of attaining the goal of abolishing the white race; indeed, the willingness to go beyond socially acceptable limits of protest is a dividing line between "good whites" and traitors to the white race. Copyright © 1994 Noel Ignatiev. Reprinted by permission. Copyrighted Material ...