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Part XI What Then Shall We Do? A Role for Whites Whites may-and should-study race, including their own. That is the whole premise of this book. But suppose a white person wants to do more-wants to be an agent for change, wants to challenge and blast the systems of racial privilege and exclusion that bring so much misery to all those on the other side of the color line? What can a white person do? Is there a role for him or her in improving the fortunes of people of color? One author dyed his skin black and traveled in the South, acquiring a sense of empathy for the plight of black people. [See Chapter 70. Ed.] Another urges that whites take on the radical role of race traitor, under the banner "Treason to Whiteness Is Loyalty to Humanity." Others urge that whites reflect carefully on their own privilege and begin the difficult process of giving it up, or that they study their own "dysconscious racism" with a view toward unlearning the systems and habits of racial treatment that condition so much of our inner and outer lives. One author urges white people to give up being white and to destroy the idea of the white race. Would this be suicide? Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...


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