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604 Suggested Readings From the Editors: Issues and Comments Is there anything wrong with being proud of your race? Where does that cross over into supremacist thought and extremism? Is it better to ignore, or take no note ot one's own ethnicity in order to avoid the excesses of Aryan or other forms of supremacy ? Is it wrong to be proud of one's country? To want to limit the number of immigrants who come here? What if your policy is to encourage ones from Northern Europe and discourage the rest? Can America absorb ten thousand new immigrants from, say, Sweden, more easily than it can the same number from Ethiopia? Is there such a thing as WASP culture? Does it include saving, hard work self-deniaL and moderation in sex? If so, what is wrong with that? Germany has banned neo-Nazi groups; should the United States do likewise? Throughout history, the black community has received poor police protection and sometimes outright mistreatment at the hands of the police. Should AfricanAmericans , then, arm themselves as private militias have done? Suggested Readings Chalmers, David M., HOODED AMERICANISM: THE HISTORY OF THE Ku KLUX KLAN (Franklyn Watts, 1980). Coates, James, ARMED AND DANGEROUS: THE RISE OF THE SURVIVALIST RIGHT (Noonday Press, 1987). Corcoran, James, BITTER HARVEST-GORDON KAHL AND THE POSSE COMITATUS: MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND (Viking, 1990). Flynn, Kevin, and Gary Gerhardt, THE SILENT BROTHERHOOD: INSIDE AMERICA'S RACIST UNDERGROUND (Free Press, 1989). Higginbotham, Leon, and Barbara Kopytoff, Racial Purity and Interracial Sex in the Law of Colonial and Antebellum Virginia, 77 GEO. L.J. 1967 (1989). Mintz, Frank P., THE LIBERTY LOBBY AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT (Greenwood 1985). Pierce, William, THE TURNER DIARIES (1978). Raspail, Jean, THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS (1973). Singular, Stephen, TALKED TO DEATH: THE MURDER OF ALAN BERG AND THE RISE OF THE NEO-NAZIS (Berkeley, 1989). Wade, Wyn Craig, THE FIERY CROSS: THE Ku KLUX KLAN IN AMERICA (Simon & Schuster, 1987). Copyrighted Material ...


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