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92 Hatelines: Week of Sunday, April 7, 1996 COMPILED BY THE CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL Ku Klux Klan, Templar Knights-I. D. Alder White pride, white pride, white pride. It's great to be white! White man, fight back! First, the good news. Nigger Ron Brown and a gaggle of chief executive officers from American big business died in a beautiful plane crash. The greedy big business CEO's were in Bosnia to help their economy, not ours. There will be no tears shed at Klan headquarters over the well-deserved death of a bunch of greedy, scumbag internationalists and businessmen. In other good news, that old crone, Mother Teresa. fell and broke her collarbone. Mother Teresa wastes her time in India fishing mud babies out of trash piles and dumpsters so she can make them grow strong enough to produce more hungry mud babies.... And if that wasn't enough good news, in California some real cops gave a bunch of illegal _gLeasers something we'd all like to give them-a sound thrashing with a nightstick. Of course, the brain-dead liberals are rushing to defend the criminals and dump on the cops. Those cops showed too much restraint. They should have beat the spies into a bloody pool of grease. White man, fight back! It's us or them! Jobs for Americans, not spies! Support your local police, not criminals. In other news, Klansmen and Klanswomen allover America will soon be celebrating the birth of the greatest white man to walk this earth. The date is April 20, and the man the Klan honors is Adolf Hitler. Mark it on your calendar. Have an Adolf Hitler birthday party in your home on April 20th. Make a swastika cake and honor the man who was the first leader of a nation to fight for white power-Adolf Hitler. Hitler was right, the swastika is the supreme symbol of white power. Wear it with pride. The niggers have their "X" and us whites have the swastika.... White man, fight back. .. It's up to us to step forward, to put our hands to the robe of the Klan, to hold high the Confederate flag and the holy swastika banner[;] ... make history , not excuses ... Copyright © 1996 by the Center for Democratic Renewal. Reprinted by permission of the Center for Democratic Renewal. Copyrighted Material Hatelines White Aryan Resistance-Tom Metzger 559 April is a big month for Aryans, including Uncle Adolf's birthday on April 20th. April is recognized by many as Aryan, or white, history month ... [Springtime is] a time of renewal, as the sun moves back towards the northern hemisphere , giving more light and warmth to our native northland. The rebirth of the sun was celebrated by our ancient Aryan ancestors. The cross that Christians use today is the ancient Aryan cross, or sunwheel-another form of swastika ... [Breaks to answer questions left by callers.] Q: How do I pursue a restaurant or any public establishment that discriminates against me just for wearing racial symbols? A: Tom again advises callers to carry a small tape player at all times to record such encounters . He also consults callers on the procedure for filing a complaint against the establishment in question and even pursuing a case in small-claims court. Q: Is Ralph Nader a Jew? A: I think he is but do not have evidence at this time. I must say, however, Nader lives a very austere lifestyle and he does champion several issues that are good for white working people. Q: What's your position on the Freemen [Montana siege]? A: Anyone who actively resists the Washington criminals must be given some of our respect . However, Freemen and militias are similar to the old Posse Comitatus of the 70s. There was a lot of smoke in those days but very little fire. It takes a lot more than a lot of big talk and running around the woods with guns.... Most of these people will deny up front that they are racists but ... behind closed doors most of them talk a very racist line. What's really stupid is when they get on TV and claim they're not racist. Many of the acts of the Freemen, Sovereigns, and militias can become suicidal. You know, you don't start a war by barricading yourself on a small farm. You're supposed to have the war, and, if you have to, retreat to the small farm ... Q: Does WAR [the...


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