restricted access PART X: White Consciousness, White Power
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Part X White Consciousness, White Power Nothing is wrong-one might think-with focusing critically on one's own race and racial background and makeup. At times, however, this effort becomes distorted. The student of race decides that his or her own race is superior, or the bearer of a unique destiny. Then, all other races become irrelevant, drags, or outright threats. The rise of paramilitary "patriot" groups and others espousing white supremacy illustrate how this can happen. But what of more moderate views holding that WASPs simply are the possessors of certain admirable traits-caution, saving, law-abidingness, and so on. Is this a matter of taking pride in one's heritage -or does it verge on attitudes of supremacy and hate? Are race-baiting messages or ones of racial supremacy to be deploredor do they serve as useful pressure valves for feelings that, if suppressed, might emerge in even more injurious form? Do organized hate groups have a constitutional right to exist? Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...