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Suggested Readings 543 before a certain age, do not react to race. They have to be told that race matters; before then they may be momentarily interested in differences in skin color, but no more so than differences in, say, eyebrow thickness or the shape of toenails. In this sense, are all races II constructed"-do we, that is, decide that out of the thousands of differences among individuals and populations, particular ones like skin color, hair texture, and so on matter? Do the races exhibit behavioral differences, and, if so, are these physically based or the product of treatment by others and of the environment in which individuals grow up? Is this true of very basic traits, such as being II good" with numbers or words or peopie ? Should research into race-based IQ differences be banned? Discouraged? Encouraged ? Suggested Readings Barkan, Elazar, THE RETREAT OF SCIENTIFIC RACISM (1992). Bendersky, Joseph W., The Disappearance of Blonds: Immigration, Race and the Reemergence of "Thinking White," TELOS, Summer 1995: 135. Delgado, Richard, et al., Can Science Be Inopportune? Constitutional Validity of Governmental Restrictions on Race-IQ Research, 31 UCLA L. REV. 128 (1983). DeParle, Jason, Daring Research or "Social Science Pornography"? NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, October 9, 1994, at 48. Dudziak, Mary, Oliver Wendell Holmes as a Eugenic Reformer, 71 IOWA L. REV. 833 (1986). Gould, Stephen Jay, THE MISMEASURE OF MAN (1981). Keane, A. H., THE WORLD'S PEOPLE (1908). Lombardo, Paul, Three Generations, No Imbeciles: New Light on Buck v. Bell, 60 NYU L. REV. 30 (1989). Nei, Masatoshi, and Arun Roychoudhury, Genetic Relationship and Evolution of Human Races, 14 EvoL. BIOL. 1 (1982). Shipman, Pat, THE EVOLUTION OF RACISM: HUMAN DIFFERENCES AND THE USE AND ABUSE OF SCIENCE (1994). Stanton, W. R., THE LEOPARD'S SPOTS: SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDES TOWARDS RACE IN AMERICA (1960). Stepan, Nancy, THE IDEA OF RACE IN SCIENCE (1982). Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...


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