restricted access PART VIII: The Color Line: Multiracial People and "Passing for White"
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Part VIII The Color Line: Multiracial People and "Passing for White" If you were black and could become white by taking a magic pill, would you do so? If you were of mixed race, your skin a medium color of brown so that you could identify either as white or as a person of color, which would you do? Who gives you the choice? Is it a liberatory act of defiance to chart one's own course, or is it a sign of deep role confusion? What should we make of minority communities who favor light-skinned members -or who display enmity and distrust toward other groups of color? In this part, you will read about all these scenarios, and about the life experience of white blacks, black whites, and light-skinned Latinas who lived to tell the tale. Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...