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Suggested Readings 421 From the Editors: Issues and Comments Can anyone get ahead in our society if he or she is willing to work hard? Is the price of doing so assimilation-giving up one's distinctive Irishness, Mexicanness, blackness, and so on? If you suddenly developed an allergy to some substance found only in the United States, and so you had to emigrate to another country, which one would you choose? How would you expect to be treated? Suppose you were frowned at for identifying with your Americanness? Are working-class whites who get scholarships, go to Ivy League schools, and become professors ever completely accepted? Are they always destined to be sub-whites? Are Jews white if they look white? For selections dealing with "passing for white" and describing the experiences of darker skinned people who look white (or vice versa), see Part VIII. Suggested Readings Delgado, Richard, Rodrigo's Tenth Chronicle: Merit and Affirmative Action, 83 CEO L.J. 1711 (1995). Freeman, Alan, Race and Class: The Dilemma of Liberal Reform, 90 YALE L.J. 1880 (1981). FROM DIFFERENT SHORES: PERSPECTIVES ON RACE AND ETHNICITY IN AMERICA (Ronald Takaki, ed., 1987) Higham, John, STRANGERS IN THE LAND (1966). THE INVENTION OF ETHNICITY (W. Sollors, ed., 1989). Karst, Kenneth, BELONGING TO AMERICA: EQUAL CITIZENSHIP AND THE CONSTITUTION (1989). Lieberson, Stanley, A PIECE OF THE PIE? BLACK AND WHITE IMMIGRANTS SINCE 1880 (1980). Morgan, Edmund S., AMERICAN SLAVERY, AMERICAN FREEDOM: THE ORDEAL OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA (1975). Waters, Mary, ETHNIC OPTIONS: CHOOSING IDENTITIES IN AMERICA (1990). WHITE ETHNICS: THEIR LIFE IN WORKING CLASS AMERICA (}. Ryan, ed., 1975). Wilentz, Sean, CHANTS DEMOCRATIC: NEW YORK CITY AND THE RISE OF THE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS, 1788-1850 (1984). Copyrighted Material ...


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