restricted access PART VI: White Privilege
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Part VI White Privilege Does being white bring prerogatives-or detriments and liabilities! Black entertainers and athletes get all the attention, and affirmative action certainly benefits persons of minority race (and women) and not white men, at least in individual cases. But few passersby on a dark sidewalk would cross the street to avoid coming face to face with an average-looking, presentably dressed white. Whites are hassled by the police less than blacks, given the benefit of the doubt in commercial transactions, and favored in many other ways as well. The readings in this part explore whether there is such a thing as white privilege and what its content might be. Is it hard to see, and if so why! Do minority communities themselves dispense a privilege based on color, preferring members of their own groups who are light skinned! How much of a boost, an advantage, an entre is it to be white! Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...