restricted access PART IV: Whiteness: Law's Role
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Part IV Whiteness: Law's Role Everyone knows that the legal system has played a part in enforcing racial separation (e.g., in schooling) and also, from time to time, in requiring racial fairness. But the law played a role in something that is prior to that-namely, in constructing racial categories in the first place. Does law, as some writers believe, have the ability actually to change physical appearance and so reinforce the belief that races are biologically distinct? When the legal system sets out to redress racial discrimination does it just end up hardening lines and reinforcing the idea of racial Otherness? Does color blindness make matters worse? Did law playa role in constructing the idea of the white race? In the idea of racial superiority and inferiority? In the naturalness of spatial separation , as in housing or public schools? Can it help us in moving toward a color-blind society, and would that be desirable? Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...