restricted access PART III: Whiteness: History's Role
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Part III Whiteness: History's Role Our current attitudes toward race and our own racial selves did not spring up out of a vacuum. Rather, they have long cultural antecedents. In this part, several writers, most of them well-known in law or social science, reveal how contemporary understandings about race originated. Some show how whiteness-as-superior began during periods of turmoil, competition , or religious self-scrutiny. Others argue that the idea of the white race began with a justificatory purpose-to rationalize exploitation of weaker groups. Several point out earlier excesses of white consciousness and glorification similar to those we see taking place today. And one author argues, essentially, that racial classifications are often malign, scientifically inexact, and useless, and might as well be jettisoned. Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...