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Part II How Whites See Others Can one see, or even understand the idea of, another race without juxtaposing it immediately against oneself and one's own group? That is, is race inevitably an oppositional concept, so that one can only think of another group in contradistinction to one's own? And need that oppositionality be hostile or adverse, as opposed to friendly? The selections in this part suggest that in this country, at least, the white majority has generally seen members of other races, for want of a better term, as onedown . In few quarters has race seemed not to matter, much less not exist . Several authors assert that racial fairness and equality are either impossible-because of what is embedded in our culture or language-or only achieved through great effort. Some argue that difference is never neutral, but contrived-created and maintained for the advantage of the more powerful majority. Some consider race consciousness a predisposing condition for the disease of racism. One argues that racial differentiation is rational and that it is allied with the scientific impulse. Is it possible, if one is white, to see persons of other racial groups without the blinders of race and racial categorization? Would this entail having no race at all, and is that possible in our world? Copyrighted Material Copyrighted Material ...


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