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Contents Acknowledgments xv Introduction xvii PART I How Whites See Themselves 1 1 The End of the Great White Male John R. Graham 3 2 White Racial Formation: Into the Twenty-First Century Charles A. Gallagher 6 3 The Skin We're In Christopher Wills 12 4 The Way of the WASP Richard Brookhiser 16 5 Hiring Quotas for White Males Only Eric Foner 24 6 Innocence and Affirmative Action Thomas Ross 27 7 Doing the White Male Kvetch (A Pale Imitation of a Rag) Calvin Trillin 33 8 Growing Up White in America? Bonnie Kae Grover 34 9 Growing Up (What) in America? Jerald N. Marrs 36 10 White Images of Black Slaves (Is What We See in Others Sometimes a Reflection of What We Find in Ourselves?) George Fredrickson 38 Synopses of Other Important Works 46 From the Editors: Issues and Comments 46 Suggested Readings 47 Copyrighted Material Vlll Contents PART II How Whites See Others 49 11 The White Race Is Shrinking: Perceptions of Race in Canada and Some Speculations on the Political Economy of Race Classification Doug Daniels 51 12 Ignoble Savages Dinesh D'Souza 55 13 Darkness Made Visible: law, Metaphor, and the Racial Self D. Marvin Jones 66 14 Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the literary Imagination Toni Morrison 79 15 Transparently White Subjective Decisionmaking: Fashioning a legal Remedy Barbara]. Flagg 85 16 The Rhetorical Tapestry of Race Thomas Ross 89 17 Imposition Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic 98 18 Racial Reflections: Dialogues in the Direction of liberation Derrick A. Bell, Tracy Higgins, and Sung-Hee Suh, Editors 106 19 The Tower of Babel Eleanor Marie Brown 112 20 The Quest for Freedom in the Post-Brown South: Desegregation and White Self-Interest Davison M. Douglas 117 21 "Soulmaning": Using Race for Political and Economic Gain Luther Wright, Jr. 125 22 Dysconscious Racism: Ideology, Identity, and Miseducation Joyce E. King 128 Synopses of Other Important Works 133 From the Editors: Issues and Comments 134 Suggested Readings 135 PART III Whiteness: History's Role 137 23 Race and Manifest Destiny: The Origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism Reginald Horsman 139 24 The Invention of Race: Rereading White Over Black James Campbell and James Oakes 145 Copyrighted Material Contents ix 25 "Only the Law Would Rule between Us": Antimiscegenation, the Moral Economy of Dependency, and the Debate over Rights after the Civil War Emily Field Van Tassel 152 26 The Antidemocratic Power of Whiteness Kathleen Neal Cleaver 157 27 Who's Black, Who's White, and Who Cares Luther Wright, Jr. 164 28 Images of the Outsider in American Law and Culture Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic 170 29 Back to the Future with The Bell Curve: Jim Crow, Slavery, and G Jacqueline Jones 179 30 The Genetic Tie Dorothy E. Roberts 186 Synopses of Other Important Works 190 From the Editors: Issues and Comments 192 Suggested Readings 192 PART IV Whiteness: Law's Role 193 31 White Law and Lawyers: The Case of Surrogate Motherhood Peter Halewood 195 32 Social Science and Segregation before Brown Herbert Hovenkamp 199 33 Mexican-Americans and Whiteness George A. Martinez 210 34 Race and the Core Curriculum in Legal Education Frances Lee Ansley 214 35 The Transparency Phenomenon, Race-Neutral Decisionmaking, and Discriminatory Intent Barbara]. Flagg 220 36 Toward a Black Legal Scholarship: Race and Original Understandings Jerome McCristal Culp, Jr. 227 37 Identity Notes, Part One: Playing in the Light Adrienne D. Davis 231 38 The Constitutional Ghetto Robert L. Hayman, Jr., and Nancy Levit 239 Synopses of Other Important Works 248 From the Editors: Issues and Comments 248 Suggested Readings 249 Copyrighted Material x Contents PART V Whiteness: Culture's Role 251 39 Do You Know This Man? Daniel Zalewski 253 40 The Curse of Ham D. Marvin Jones 255 41 Los Olvidados: On the Making of Invisible People Juan F. Perea 258 42 White Innocence, Black Abstraction Thomas Ross 263 43 Race and the Dominant Gaze: Narratives of Law and Inequality in Popular Film Margaret M. Russell 267 44 Residential Segregation and White Privilege Martha R. Mahoney 273 45 Mules, Madonnas, Babies, Bathwater: Racial Imagery and Stereotypes Linda L. Ammons 276 46 The Other Pleasures: The Narrative Function of Race in the Cinema Anna Everett 280 Synopses of Other Important Works 285 From the Editors: Issues and Comments 288 Suggested Readings 288 PART VI White Privilege 289 47 White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences through Work in Women...