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Acknowledgments My academic interest in and passion for the subjects of gender and cinema studies began during my graduate years at the University of Michigan. Now, when years of research have finally reached printed form, my heartfelt thanks go first to Frank E. Beaver and Yi-tsi Feurwerker. Professor Beaver’s film classes drew me to the visual art form that I soon fell in love with. Professor Feurwerker’s seminar on women and writing inspired me to explore gender issues in China from a cross-cultural perspective. The writing project could not have evolved without generous institutional support. Research and travel grants from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Southern Methodist University (S.M.U.) in 1997 and 2000 enabled me to visit China to meet with film directors and scholars and to collect visual and written materials. In addition, a semester of sabbatical leave in 1999 allowed me to concentrate on writing. I also received crucial support and encouragement from colleagues and friends during the writing process. The book would not have been completed without the assistance of my two dear friends David Black and Richard Cogley. Each of them read both the draft and the final versions of the entire manuscript. Their thoughtful responses were invaluable. I’m also fortunate to have other close friends at S.M.U., Lisa Ahnert, Marie-Luise Gaettens, and Zoe Urbanek, whose hearts and homes have always been open to me. In addition, William Beauchamp and Gordon Birrell, the former and the current department chair of Foreign Languages & Literatures, have provided me with professional guidance and administrative support. Also important in my life are my two dear cats, Mimi and Nemo, whose presence gave me peace of mind in so many stressful moments. Working with the editors of the University of Hawai‘i Press has been a wonderful experience. Senior editor Patricia Crosby ensured my commitment to the Press by promptly evaluating my manuscript and deciding to support it for publication. Thereafter, managing editor Cheri Dunn guided the editing and publication process with utmost efficiency, and copy editor Bojana Ristich handled the manuscript with amazing thoroughness. I am also indebted to the anonymous readers whose comments helped me to strengthen the manuscript. Finally, I’m dedicating this book to my parents, so far away from the States yet so close to my heart, and to my daughter Lulu, now a college student , for understanding why writing consumed so much of my time. ...